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    Gaming Links
    On of the better MMORPGs imho, but with a unfortunately low following in the US due to its complexity and high learning curve.

    Online Comics
    Penny Arcade
    Gabe, Tycho, Cardboard Tube. Funny, gaming related, well drawn comic that is extremely well known in (and even somewhat outside) the community.

    Rather amusing comic about a game review magazine. Unlike Penny Arcade, PVP is more serial in nature and tends to deal with many more topics outside of gaming.

    Sluggy Freelance
    A unique and extremely serial comic with long story arcs. Both funny and epic in nature, its a pretty good read but you ought to read it from the beginning.

    Gamespy Daily Victim
    Okay, Gamespy is untrustworthy, its software is bloated, and the daily victim hasn't been daily for a LONG time. Yet once in a while they do some completely cool stories there and its usually good for a laugh... whenever they choose to update the thing.

    Interesting News
    The Onion Online
    Funny fake news. Yet, in a world that was just a little bit odder and little less uptight, your could see almost all of this stuff happening.

    Billed as " News for nerds" and its true. The comments are good for both a laugh (most of the time) and some actual insight (rarely).

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    Last Updated: July 27, 2004