Deborah Chasman

University of Wisconsin–Madison
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

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In August 2014, I completed my PhD in Computer Sciences (biomedical informatics and machine learning) with Mark Craven. In September I started a post-doc with Sushmita Roy.

During my PhD, I was a predoctoral trainee in the NLM-funded Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine Training Program. I did my undergraduate degree in computer science at beautiful Carleton College in Northfield, MN.

The central problem of my thesis research was to infer the relevant intracellular pathways involved in a biological response; for example, the host pathways that modulate the replication of a virus in a host cell, or the signaling pathways that regulate a yeast cell's transcriptional response to a stressful environment. We developed methods using integer linear programming and diffusion kernels to approach this problem.

During my postdoc, my work is focusing on developing methods to infer regulatory networks from multiple data types and study how networks change over time or between conditions.

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