Claudia R. Solís-Lemus
        Department of Statistics
        University of Wisconsin-Madison
        Birge Hall
        430 Lincoln Drive
        Madison, WI, 53706

        Office: 312
        claudia at

Phylogenetic networks
I am working on statistical inference for phylogenetics which studies evolutionary relationships among different organisms, typically visualized in a tree. However, not all species follow the paradigm of vertical inheritance of their genetic material, implicit assumption in a tree. Therefore, inferring phylogenetic networks is necessary to understand evolutionary relationships between other types of species like bacteria. I am working with Dr. Cécile Ané to develop statistical methods to infer phylogenetic networks.

Solis-Lemus C., L.L. Knowles and C. Ané. 2015. Bayesian species delimitation combining multiple genes and traits in a unified framework. Evolution. Software: iBPP

Solis-Lemus C., Ané, C. 2016. Inferring phylogenetic networks with maximum pseudolikelihood under incomplete lineage sorting. PLoS Genetics, arXiv:1509.06075. Software: SNaQ.

Solis-Lemus C., Yang, M., Ané, C. 2016. Inconsistency of species-tree methods under gene flow. Systematic Biology.