I am passionate about developing robot systems, computational methods, and design principles to enable close, continuous, and personalized robot-assisted support to augment human capabilities. Drawing on robotics, human computer interaction, and artificial intelligence, I have developed computational methods that allow robots to (1) decipher human action and behavioral cues (e.g., gaze), (2) synthesize socially intuitive behaviors, and (3) provide individualized support. Together, these abilities enable robots to interact with people to promote desirable outcomes.

My current research focuses on building socially assistive robots to support therapeutic interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) over an extended period of time.

recent publications

Full publications on google scholar

HRI'17Give Me a Break! Personalized Timing Strategies to Promote Learning in Robot-Child Tutoring | pdf
HRI'16Anticipatory robot control for efficient human-robot collaboration | pdf
PHD DISSERTATIONHuman-robot joint action: coordinating attention, communication, and actions | pdf
FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGYUsing gaze patterns to predict task intent in collaboration | pdf
RSS'15Adaptive coordination strategies for human-robot handovers | pdf
SIGCSE'15From 9 to 90: engaging learners of all ages | pdf
AUTONOMOUS ROBOTSMultivariate evaluation of interactive robot systems | pdf
RSS'14Modeling and controlling friendliness for an interactive museum robot | pdf
HRI'14Learning-based modeling of multimodal behaviors for humanlike robots | pdf
RSS'13Modeling and evaluating narrative gestures for humanlike robots | pdf
JOURNAL OF HRIThe repertoire of robot behavior: enabling robots to achieve interaction goals through social behavior | pdf
HRI'12Robot behavior toolkit: generating effective social behaviors for robots | pdf


03.16Co-organizing a workshop on socially and physically assistive robotics for humanity at RSS 2016
02.16Gave an invited robotics talk at AAAI 2016
01.16Co-organizing a workshop on long-term child-robot interaction at RO-MAN 2016
11.15Starting postdoctoral research in the Social Robotics Lab at Yale University
10.15Successfully defended my phd thesis!

selected press

2015A new robot helper could make daily chores astronomically more fun (Tech Insider)
2015Teach Your Robot to Do the Dishes (MIT Technology Review)
2012Developing Robots That Can Teach Humans (Science Nation)