About Me

I'm currently a student at UW-Madison, majoring in Computer Science. At the moment, I'm looking into a double major with Political Science.


I currently work as a Help Desk Technical Writer for the UW-Madison Division of Information of Technology (DoIT). In addition to addressing and resolving technology incidents for UW affiliates, I create and update documentation that other Help Desk agents and departments use across campus, as well as other unviersities.

Outside of business hours, I also give piano lessons to other students on campus. I specialize in music theory and comtemporary songs, but I also enjoy a few classic songs here and there.


As of July 2019, I am the current CDO of Intraburst, an enterprise-level software company specializing in information technology service management. Our software, Burst, is currently under development and is set to be released in 2020.

On the music side of things, I compose and arrange songs whenever I get some free time. Feel free to check out my works on the Music page.