Getting started with Python on your own machine:

So, you have a Chromebook or tablet as your primary computer - this is doable, but you may have to jump through a few extra hoops.

Writing Python code online

Because it is the FUTURE you can run (a bare-bones version of) Python in your web browser if you have an internet connection. Here are a few sites with interactive Python interpreters:

If you prefer an app, there are plenty, but I don't have any that I particularly recommend over any others. If you have a good experience with one, please let me know!

Note: CSL doesn't support any of these tools, so while they may be useful for in-class, I recommend the LiClipse IDE on a laptop or desktop computer for working on the homework.

Handing in your code

It's important to note that in order to hand in an assignment, you'll need to create a text file with a .py extension and upload it to the Learn@UW dropbox for any given week. You may be able to do this with some of the online interpreters or an app, but stop in to see the instructor or a TA to make sure everything is working out before you rely on that for your work for the semester.