CS/ECE 354: Machine Organization and Programming

sections 1 and 2, Fall 2014

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Class Announcements

Please send Karen e-mail and stay home if you have fever and other flu symptoms.

This section lists class announcements. Items will not remain on this page for the entire semester, but will instead attempt to represent the current week's announcements.

Week of Dec 15

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Teaching Assistants for Fall 2014:

Textbook information

Acquire a copy of

And, you will need access to information about programming in the C language. Online sources may be enough, but no guarantees. Most any textbook that introduces the C language (not C++) is acceptable, so if you already have a book, use it. If you do not already have a book, please consider purchasing your own copy of

You will find this book relevant and useful in both further coursework and in industry.



There are both written homeworks and programs in this course. Programs focus on course topics. Grading is based on both correctness and programming style. You write C programs. You will be expected to design algorithms and organize code for these programs. Algorithm details will not often be covered in class. You are expected to write grammatically correct, clear documentation for the code. A description of expectations for programs is given in this Guidelines for Programs document. You will generally not be given test cases for your programs. So, you will need to identify reasonable test cases, and test your own program with them.

You will use computers that are running RedHat Linux, a Unix operating system. For the Fall 2014 semester, these are the galapagos machines in room 1350 CS. If you had an account in CS last semester, it will still be available to you. Otherwise, you have been assigned a new account.

Assignments are due as stated on each assignment: given by both a due date and a time. Assignments will be turned in online. Any assignment turned in after the due date/time and up to 24 hours late will receive a deduction of 25% of the total available points. Any assignment turned in more than 24 hours after the due date/time will not be graded, and it will receive a zero score. Exceptions to this late policy will be considered only if discussed with your instructor well before the assignment is due.

Grading is quite strict. Pay attention to the requirements given with each assignment; missing requirements will result in deductions.

You may work in pairs on most assignments. Both students working together must be currently enrolled in the course. Each student must (individually) turn in each assignment. On collaborated assignments, there will be 2 copies of the assignment turned in: one by each of the pair working together. This is required to simplify the grading and to insure that both partners have copies of code that might be utilized in subsequent assignments. Include the names and sections of both students involved, as stated in the assignment specification. The TA will choose to grade just one of these turned in assignments, giving the same score to both students. Pairings may be different on different assignments.

Exam questions will require your understanding of both homeworks and programs. Expect exam questions to determine whether you both did and understood the assignments.


There will be 3 exams. The first 2 will be during the standard evening exam time, starting at the beginning of the 5:30pm midterm time period; the last exam is given during the summary activity period. The dates of the exams are given in the schedule below.

Exam Policies

Bring a current photo ID to all exams. Your UW student ID is preferred. No ID, no exam!

Each student may use one 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper with hand-written notes when taking the exams. Both sides of the paper may be used. These notes may not be shared when taking the exam. The goal of these notes is to reduce anxiety and help students prepare for exams by deciding what should be on the page of notes.

Copies of appropriate tables for ASCII/x86 will be provided as needed with the exam.

No electronic devices (such as calculators and laptop computers) may be used during exams. Cell phones will be turned off during exams. A phone that rings during an exam may result in a penalty, determined by the instructor.

If you have a conflict with any listed exam time, you must notify Karen before Friday Sept 19. Conflicts include other exams, as well as other class activities that meet during the exam time and have a graded component.

University policies will be followed strictly in this course. Please, pay particular attention to policies on academic misconduct and incompletes.

Exam Preparation

During the fall 2013 semester, there were only 2 exams. Here is the first fall 2013 exam. Please note that it covers more of the semester than this semester's first exam will.

Here are sample exam questions to help you prepare for Exam 1:

To help prepare for exam 2, here are sample questions:

To help prepare for exam 3, here are sample questions: