CS 367-1:
Introduction to Data Structures

Spring 1999


There will be approximately six homework/programming assignments, one midterm exam, and a final exam. The approximate percentage that each of these components is worth in your overall grade is:

Each homework/programming assignment, after the first assignment, will be graded on a 100 point scale, with the following approximate point breakdown for the programming portion of the assignment:
	45% for correctness:

		15% for compiling, 10% for handling expected inputs,
		10% for handling unexpected inputs well,
		10% for thoroughness of testing

	40% for code design

		15% for simplicity, 10% for efficiency,
		10% for correctness of pre & postconditions,
		5% for robustness (i.e., minimal preconditions)

	10% for readability
		indentation (3%), helpful comments (5%),
		not too many comments (2%)

	5% for preamble

		author, summary of the types of test cases that were run successfully,
		test cases that break the code, methods that are not yet implemented

The first assignment will be worth 80 points, 10 points per problem for correctness of the answers turned in.