CS 540: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Homework Assignments: Homework assignments will include written problems and programming in Java. Accounts will be provided on the Computer Sciences Department's instructional Unix workstations located in rooms 1350, 1351, and 1370. Piazza will be used for discussing assignments. Assignment grading questions must be raised with the instructor within one week after it is returned. How to Hand In Your Homework: All homework, including written portions, should be turned in via Canvas. Written portions should be typed or scanned, but NOT photographed with a smart phone. If there is a programming part, electronically hand in files in zip format containing the Java code that you wrote for the assignment. You do not need to hand in any class files. Code MUST be compilable and runnable on the CS lab computers. Useful Tips: Late Penalties: All assignments are due 11:59pm through Canvas on the due date. One (1) day late, defined as a 24-hour period from the deadline (weekday or weekend), will result in 10% of the total points for the assignment deducted. So, for example, if an 120-point assignment is due on a Wednesday at 8am but it is handed in between Wednesday 8:01am and Thursday 8am, 12 points will be deducted. Two (2) days late, 25% off; three (3) days late, 50% off. No homework can be turned in more than three (3) days late. Written questions and program submission have the same deadline. A total of three free late days may be used throughout the semester without penalty. They will be applied to the first late days incurred on the assignments. Weekends count as one day, so for example an assignment due at 11:59pm on Friday turned in before Sunday at 11:59pm would incur only one late day. Academic Integrity: All examinations, programming assignments, and written homeworks must be done individually. Cheating and plagiarism will be dealt with in accordance with University procedures (see the UW-Madison Academic Misconduct Rules and Procedures). Hence, for example, code for programming assignments must not be developed in groups, nor should code be shared. You are encouraged to discuss with your peers, the TA or the instructors ideas, approaches and techniques broadly, but not at a level of detail where specific implementation issues are described by anyone. If you have any questions on this, ask the instructor before you act. [Back to CS540 homepage]