Cea comes by coding through a pre-teen desire to have her own website and a fascination with Formal Logic. Since learning HTML as an eleven-year-old, Cea has spent much of her spare time teaching herself CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and PHP. She picked up Java and C++ in college, in the midst of a very humanities-oriented quest. Her experience with academic Philosophy (especially philosophy of language and formal logic) will always influence how she looks at code. She has a BA in Religious Studies (and a BS in Information Science and Technology) and will happily talk your ear off about how a humanities discipline bent on a multiplicity of methodologies both does and doesn’t apply to crafting good software.

Currently Cea is working her way through a Masters in Computer Science which she hopes will turn into a PhD with enough hard work. She also has a keen interest in Philosophy of Computer Science which she exercises by filling time she doesn’t have with reading.

If she’s not coding (or dreaming about what it might be like to be a Shadowrun technomancer), Cea is probably out running, practicing Lindy, pairing audiobooks and pool laps (because waterproof headphones are a thing now, she still can’t believe it), cultivating her eclectic music collection, or trying to organize a Pathfinder Campaign. She’s also always happy to add a little unapologetic awkwardness to most conversations.

She can be found on Github and Gitlab. She also currently crafts code at a research group called Internet Scout in Madison, WI and tweets @ceaess.