Medial Axis Calculation

CS558 (Spring 2011) HomeWork-IV:  Instructor : Prof. Vadim Shapiro, UW Madison


Medial Axis is an important tool for many applications including shape detection, domain decomposition,  and geometric compression. In this homework assignment, I have created 2D medial axis calculation using Jonathan Shewchuck's Constrained Delaunay Triangulation ( Triangle) and robust geometric predicates ( including robust circumcenter calculation).

A Pseudo code for Medial Axis is as follows

void MedialAxis( boundaryNodes, medialNodes, medialEdges)
    // Input:
    //  vector<Point2D>  boundaryNodes;  in the anticlockwise direction. In this example we assume that the polygon is closed
    //                                                                   and simple connected;
    //  Output:
    //  vector<Point2D>  medialNodes;          The coordinates of the medial points generated.
    //  map<int,int>        medialEdges;          The edges forming the medial axis;
    //  Step: I; using Jonathan Shewchuk's triangle with -pg option. i.e.
     vector<Triangle> cdt = getConstrainedTriangulation ( boundaryNodes );

    //  Step 2:  Calculate the circumcenter using Jonathan Shewchuk's exact Circumcenter software
     nTriangles  = cdt.size();
    for ( size_t i = 0; i < numTriangles; i++)
            Triangle src = cdt[i];
            Point2D  c = getCircumCenter( src );
            // Check that point 'C' is within some triangle of the CDT i.e. it does not fall outside
            bool found  = getHoldingTriangle( cdr, c, dst );
            if( found ){
                 medialPoint.src  = src;
                 medialPoint.dst  = dst;
        =  c;
       //Step 3:  Get all the edges of CDT;
       vector<Edge> meshedges = getEdges( cdt);
       size_t numEdges = meshedges.size();
       for( size_t i = 0; i < numEdges; i++)
               vector<Triangle>  edgefaces = getFaceNeighbours( meshedge[i] );
               if( edgeface.size() == 2) {
                    bool found0 = getMedialPoint( edgeface[0],  mp0 );
                    bool found1 =  getMedialPoint( edgeface[1], mp1 );
                    if( found0 && found1 )
                         medialEdges.push_back( make_pair(, mp1,id);

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