Hi tester,

mcdent0.76.zip 1/3/05 - bug fixes and big internal design changes.
mcdent0.71.zip 10/3/04
mcdent0.7.zip 8/28/04
mcdent0.6.zip 8/25/04
mcdent0.5.zip 8/18/04
mcdent0.1.zip 8/10/04

Download, unzip, double click "MC Dental.exe"

This program I think only works on all versions of windows except win95. If it doesn't run at all, then you probably need the .NET framework installed which you can get either here or here.

Basic Description

An office program for my dad's business (dental lab)
which currently creates invoices and a few other things.
It generates invoices and prices automatically and saves him
lots of time. if you've used a computer before (unlike my dad)
this should be really straightforward. There's supposed to be
lots of valid price checking, bad input checking, etc. as you
can tell, its still being worked on. try to mess it up, but
don't delete the actual database file, it doesnt automatically
fill a newly created one at runtime correctly yet. when something
messes up, try to remember what you did to create the problem and
then report it to me. Note: this program was made to run in
1280x1024, but 1024x768 should be ok i think.

Technical Description - 8/10/04

My first major program using the .NET framework (im a fan of it).
it uses a Jet connection to an OLE database (ms access) and
uses ADO.NET objects to communicate (straight SQL in some places)
with it. MS Access database isnt the greatest, so i wrote
a second codepath for a SQL Sever in case the database ever
needs to be switched over for speed reasons. But right now
its nice to use ADOX to programatically create a database.
the invoice uses GDI+ to draw on the actual form, and then i
use the Win32 API to grab a screenshot of it, and then scale
it to fit a page. Even with antialiasing and interpolation
the text still looks a bit unsmooth :( I'll change it all
over to crystal reports when i have time. there's a better way
to print a form in .NET by calling each control's paint
event, but it seems to ignore GDI+ things such as lines.
(let me know if youve written code to print a form in .NET)
this program is a parsing and errorchecking nightmare.