Hi. I'm Dakota.

Try clicking one of those fancy buttons to the left.

I am a student at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
I strive to create intuitive, clean, and fun digital content -
and to develop the supporting back-end infrastructure
to keep the cogs turning.

I like to cook tasty things in my spare time.
Popcorn is my go-to midnight snack.

Please check my Github page for a complete overview of my projects.

I am rewriting my quick-and-dirty webapp, metahack, using the Polymer Framework. Check back soon for updates!

I was able to work on two awesome projects through my internship with Planet Propeganda.

Looking for a formal resume? Grab the PDF!

I would love to hear from you! Shoot me an email -
or play the adventure game and find me on campus, if that's more your style.

In the mood for some fun? Enjoy some Candy Box.

Looking for a constructive use of your time? Check out Project Euler or the UVa Online Conest.