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Research Publications:

  • Atomic Coherence: Leveraging Nanophotonics to Build Race-Free Cache Coherence Protocols [PDF] [PPT]
    Dana Vantrease , Mikko Lipasti, and Nathan Binkert
    In HPCA-17, San Antonio, TX, February 2011.
  • Light Speed Arbitration and Flow Control for Nanophotonic Interconnects [PDF]
    Dana Vantrease , Nathan Binkert, Robert Schreiber, and Mikko Lipasti
    In MICRO-42, New York, NY, December 2009.
    (Best Student Presentation Award)
  • Nanophotonic Barriers [PDF]
    Nathan Binkert, Al Davis, Mikko H. Lipasti, Robert Schreiber, and Dana Vantrease
    In Workshop on Photonic Interconnects And Computer Architecture. Held in Conjunction with MICRO-42, New York, NY, December 2009.
  • Corona: System Implications of Emerging Nanophotonic Technology [PDF]
    Dana Vantrease, Robert Schreiber, Matteo Monchiero, Moray McLaren, Norman P. Jouppi, Marco Fiorentino, Al Davis, Nathan Binkert, Raymond G. Beausoleil, and Jung Ho Ahn
    In ISCA-35, Beijing, China, June 2008.
  • An Evaluation of Server Consolidation Workloads for Multi-core Designs [PDF]
    Natalie Enright Jerger, Dana Vantrease, and Mikko H. Lipasti
    In IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization (IISWC), Boston, MA, September 2007.
  • The Light at the End of the Wire : A nanophotonics tutorial [PDF]
    Computer Architecture Seminar, University of Wisconsin - Madison, May 2008.


  • Optical Tokens in Many-Core Processors [PDF]
    University of Wisconsin - Madison, August 2010.

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