Mike Gerver's comments on his academic genealogy files.

"Biographies.rtf gives brief biographies of each of the people in the family tree,
and gives my sources.

Lineage1.doc, Lineage2.doc, Lineage3.doc, Lineage4.doc, and Lineage5.doc
are five drawings which, if you tape them together, make a big family tree going
back to 1400. The drawings should be arranged like this, and
matched up:

       Lineage1           Lineage2

       Lineage3           Lineage4


The family tree in these drawings includes not only ancestors, but also selected
famous cousins and uncles.

The links are not strictly to doctoral thesis advisors, but to any important mentor.
In the early days, especially, not everyone had a PhD. My thesis advisor, C. K.
Birdsall, was officially the PhD student of Lester Field, but  Marvin Chodorow, who
was also on his thesis committee, was a more important influence on him, and took
over after Field left Stanford to take a job in industry. So I have included both of them
as his "ancestors." Only Field leads back to E. L. Nichols, so all of the people on
this family tree are not academic ancestors of yours, but most of them are."