CS/ECE 552 : Introduction to Computer Architecture (Spring 2005)

Section 2

Instructor : David Wood
TA : Andy Phelps

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Course Information


Instructor : David Wood

TA : Andy Phelps

Required Course Material

 David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy,
 Computer Organization and Design:  The Hardware and Software Interface
 Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Third Edition. ISBN: 1-55860-604-1
        NOTE: Some of the assigned readings will be from the CD included with the book

    Required Reference Material

Shing Kong, Revised by Milo Martin
The Elements of Logic Design Style


What's New


Lecture Notes

    These are Prof. Hill's lecture notes based on the 2nd Edition. These will not be used in the class, but they serve as a useful reference. Accessible from University of  Wisconsin-Madison only.



    Here is the tentative schedule, subject to change with little notice.



Homework assignments are due at the end of class. No credit for late assignments unless otherwise specified.

All work is to be performed alone unless otherwise specified in the assignment.



    Midterm Exam : Thursday, March 9th, 7:15pm - 9:15pm
                                    Location: 1221 Computer Science Bldg
                               Solution Key

    Final Exam : Thursday, May 11 12:25-2:25 PM
                                    Location: 1240 CSS

    Old Midterm Exams

   Old Final Exam:  Spring '92, Solution



Supplemental Reading

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