Computer Sciences Dept.

CS/ECE 552 Introduction to Computer Architecture Spring 2010 Section 1
Instructor David A. Wood and T. A. Tony Nowatzki
URL: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~david/courses/cs552/S10/

Approximate Lecture Schedule

Week Monday Wednesday Friday
Jan 18 No class--MLK Day Introduction I
Read: COD4e Chpt 1.1-1.4
HW0 out; HW1 out
Introduction II
Read: COD4e Chpt 1.5-1.8
Skim: Henning paper
Jan 25 Instructions I
Read: COD4e Chpt 2.1-2.3,2.5-2.9
Instructions II
Read: COD4e Chpt 2.10-2.14,2.16-2.18
HW0 due
No class
Feb 1 Arithmetic I
Read: COD4e Chpt 2.4,3.1-3.4
Arithmetic II
Read: COD4e Appdx C.5-C.6
HW2 out
Verilog Tutorial
Feb 8 Datapath
Read: COD4e 4.1-4.3
HW1 due
Read: COD4e 4.4
Catchup (if necessary)
Feb 15 Pipelinining I
Read: COD4e 4.5
Pipelinining II
Read: COD4e 4.6
HW2 due; HW3 out
No class
Feb 22 No Class (Illness) Pipelinining III
Read: COD4e 4.7
No Class (Birkie)
Mar 1 Pipelinining IV
Read: COD4e 4.8-4.9
Project Plan Due
Advanced Pipelining
Read: COD4e 4.10-4.11
HW3 due; HW4 out
Verilog II
Mar 8 Memory I
Read: COD4e 5.1-5.2
Exam Tuesday 7:15-9:15pm, Chemistry B371
Memory II
Read: COD4e 5.3
Design Overview due
No Class
Mar 15 No Class (ASPLOS) Memory III
Read: COD4e 5.7, 5.10 and ECC Handout
HW4 due; HW5 out
Project Demo I
(Drop deadline)
Mar 22 No Class (Redmond) No Class (Bay Area Alumni Reception) Memory IV
Read: COD4e 5.4-5.6
Mar 29 Spring Break
April 5 No Class Multiprocessors I
Read: COD4e 7.1-7.3,5.8-5.9
HW5 due; HW6 out
Multiprocessors II
Read: COD4e 7.5-7.7
April 12 Arithmetic III
Read: COD4e 3.5-3.7
Arithmetic IV Project Demo II
April 19 I/O I
Read: COD4e 6.1-6.4
Read: COD4e 6.5-6.10
Catchup (if necessary)
April 26 No Class No Class RAS/Discussion
HW6 due
May 3 No Class Final Exam Review Project Demo III
Final Exam: Sunday May 9th 10:05am-12:05pm

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