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Each project team will make a final presentation of their project to the class during the class conference.

The talk should give highlights of the final report, including the problem, motivation, results, conclusions, and possible future work. Each presentation will have a 15 minute slot, so plan for 11 minutes without interruptions.

Presentation Grading Rubric

I will use the following grading rubric for your oral presentation: PDF

Please, practice your talk to make it better and see how long it is. Have a plan for what slides to skip if you get behind. Please see Oral Presentation Advice, including David Patterson's How to Give a Bad Talk and |K. Compton and M.L.Chang's Terrible Presentations (...and how to not give one).

Class Conference Schedule

Time Project Title/Group
9:00am Course Evaluations
9:15am Customizing ARM Microarchitecture to Replace x86 in Desktop Computing
Amrit Praharaj
Mikkel Nielsen
Akshay Kumar
NOT 10-11 or after 2:30
9:35 Power Aware Reconfiguration of Processor
Arindam Sinha
Yashwardhan Singh
‚ÄčKaran Maini
before lunch
9:55 Evaluation of Skewed Associative Caches
Afrin Shafiuddin
Nekhil Baid
Ram Sai Manoj Bamdhamravuri
no restrictions

Evaluation of skewed associative caches and variable way caches
Varun Channagiri Dattatreya
Chanadana Hosamane Kabbali
Clint Lestourgeon

before 2:30
10:35 Evaluating the Reuse Cache for mobile processor
Lokesh Jindal
Swapnil Haria
Urmish Thakker
prefer earlier
11:00 Study of cache reuse and compressibility
Prashanth Balasubramanian
Nirvedh Meshram
Shashank Gupta
no restrictions
11:20 Validation and Exploration of Tag-Less Cache Performance and Energy in Gem5 and CACTI
Dan Fisher
Addison Floyd
Adam Sperling
after 11-before 2:20
11:40 The Reuse Cache of a Uniprocessor System: Exploiting L2 Cache Performance Improvement by Various Configurations
Yue Zha
Chaowen Yu
Junhan Zhu
after 11
12:00 Lunch Break
1:00 Study of Cache Compressibility
Aditya Venkataraman
Deepinder Singh
Gaopeng Wang
1:20 Using Branch Predictor Confidence for Variable Instruction Fetches
Younggyun Cho
Kai Da Zhao
Han Lin
1:40 Software assisted Bias Free Branch Prediction
Ayoosh Bansal
Sakshi Gupta
Kushagra Garg
before 2:30
2:00 Simulating BigData Benchmarks on Gem5
Mohammad Alian
Sumanth Suraneni
Erik Olson
before 10, after 12

Dynamic Adaptive Cache Replacement Policy
Gengyu Yang
Kaichen Zhao
Ying Zhang

after 11
2:40 In-Order with a perfect compiler vs Out-Of-Order: A limit study
Pankaj Kumar Singh
after 11

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