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Paper Reviews and Class Participation

Students are expected to have completed the assigned readings before attending class and actively participate in discussions. I plan to experiment with on-line quizzes as a means to help improve reading comprehension.

To facilitate great class discussions, students must submit an email review of selected papers 9:00am before the lecture for which the paper is assigned. Late reviews will not be accepted and the time is based on when the email is received, not sent.

On-line quizzes will be available by 6pm the day before the paper is discussed and students will have until 11:00am (i.e., two hours before lecture) to complete the quiz.

I encourage students are encouraged to form study groups to discuss the papers before writing their reviews, but each student must write their own independent review.

Reviews should be emailed to Prof. David Wood (david@cs...) with:

    Subject: [CS752 Review] Author1 Year
    (e.g., [CS752 Review] Moore 1998)

    The ASCII body of the message (NOT an attachment; NOT HTML; NOT PDF) should be 20 to 40 lines (maximum 3200 characters) with:
  • a short summary of the problem the paper attacks and methods used (if any),
  • a short summary of the paper's results or key implications,
  • your opinion about what's good and bad about the paper, and
  • a topic/question for lecture
  • a multiple choice question (identify one correct answer) that you think would make a good quiz or exam question for this paper.

Follow instructions exactly so that email filters do not lose your review. The last three points are key and best enable your review to stand out.

Reviews will be graded on a scale of Excellent (10 points), Satisfactory (7 points), and Unsatisfactory (3 points). Most reviews will get a 7. Reviews that are too long will automatically receive an Unsatisfactory grade. Reviews that fail to exactly follow the subject line rules will not be graded! Reviews will be graded by sampling rather than grading each review turned in. The purpose here is to get students to read (and discuss) papers before they are discussed in class.

See Course Calendar for review schedule.

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