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Each project team will make a final presentation of their project to the class during the class conference.

The talk should give highlights of the final report, including the problem, motivation, results, conclusions, and possible future work. Each presentation will have a 20 minute slot. This includes setup time and questions, so plan for 13 minutes without interruptions.

Presentation Grading Rubric

I will use the following grading rubric for your oral presentation: PDF

Please, practice your talk to make it better and see how long it is. Have a plan for what slides to skip if you get behind. Please see Oral Presentation Advice, including David Patterson's How to Give a Bad Talk and |K. Compton and M.L.Chang's Terrible Presentations (...and how to not give one).

Spring 2015 Class Conference Schedule

Time Project Title/Group
9:00am Pass out Course Evaluations

Comparison of GEM5 simulator with x86 reference model
Mojes Koli
Ravali Kolbai Pabbathi
Nirmohi Devasthale

9:25 A Study on Sandbox Prefetching
Ming Gao
Yao Song

Energy Efficient L1 Caches for Mobile Systems
Achin Mishra
Brian Coutinho
Manasi Damle

10:05 Improving Cache efficiency using dead block prediction and prefetching
Theodore Jepsen
Bharadwaj Krishnamurthy
Ezhilsivam Shanmugam

Cache Systems in Mobile Devices
Minghao Dai
Phillipp Koppermann
Kenneth Siu

10:50 Implementation of Segmented Recency Stacks and Partial Checkpointing for Bias Free LTAGE Predictor
David Sclais
Keshav L Mathur
Kishore Kumar Jagadeesha

Outperforming LRU with Dueling Adaptive Cache Replacement policy
Bharat Ravikumar
Gautam Dhanabalan
Vignesh Chandrasekaran


Cache Prefetching using Global History Buffer
Navin Senguttu​van​
Swetha Srinivasan


A Hybrid Branch Predictor Implementation and Evaluation
Hanwen Chen
Tianyu Jiao


Memory dependence predictor
Danni Wang
Yuting Liu


Conference concludes

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