Computer Sciences Dept.

CS 758 Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture

Programming Current and Future Multicore Processors

Fall 2009 Section 1
Instructor David A. Wood and T. A. Matthew D. Allen
URL: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~david/courses/cs758/Fall2009/


Assignments may require the review of material that is touched upon, but not covered in depth in class. Assignments will not be weighted equally. The approximate weights of each assignment will be specified when the assignment is handed out. Assignments will be due IN CLASS on the due date. Assignments late by less than one day lose 25%. Assignments later than one day will not be graded, except under extreme non-academic circumstances discussed with the instructor at least one week before the assignment is due.

Homework Due Dates, Assignments (& Solutions)

  • Due Wednesday, Sept 9, Homework #0 regarding student info and prerequisite.
  • Due Monday Sept 14, Homework #1 regarding Pthreads.
  • Due Monday Sep 28, Homework #2 regarding Concurrent Tree: Fine-Grained Locks, Serializeable Transactions.
  • Due Monday Oct 5, Homework #3 regarding OpenMP and TBB.
  • Due Monday Oct 12, Homework #4 regarding Othello/TBB.
  • Due Monday Oct 19, Homework #5 regarding Serialization Sets and Pipeline Parallelism.
  • Due Wednesday Oct 28, Homework #6 regarding Concurrent Tree Reloaded: Transactional Memory.

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