Computer Sciences Dept.

CS 758 Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture

Programming Current and Future Multicore Processors

Fall 2009 Section 1
Instructor David A. Wood and T. A. Matthew D. Allen
URL: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~david/courses/cs758/Fall2009/

Approximate Lecture Schedule

Week Monday Wednesday Friday
Aug 31 No class Course Introduction
Read: Sutter and Larus
Introduction to Multicores
Review: Kongetira, et al.
Sept 7 Labor Day Concurrent programming
Review: Cormen
HW0 due
Parallel programming and Pthreads
Review: Woo, et al.
Sept 14 Parallel program design patterns
HW1 due
more Parallel program design patterns
Review: McKenney
No class
Sept 21 No class Fine-grain locking
Review Bayer & Schkolnick
Locking and Transactions
Review Gray, et al.
Sept 28 OpenMP
HW2 due
Review: Dagumand
Read: OpenMP Tutorial
Read TBB Tutorial
No class
Oct 5 Cilk/More TBB
Review: Frigo
HW3 due
Serialization Sets
Review Allen
No Class (Visit Affiliates)
Oct 12 TM Intro
Review Adl-Tabatabai, et al.
Read TCC

HW4 due
Review Damron
No Class
Oct 19 More Transactional Memory
Review Blundell
Review Mehrara
HW5 due
No Class No Class
Oct 26 No Class MapReduce
Review Ranger, Skim Barosso
HW6 due
No Class
Nov 2 Exam Review Exam No Class
Nov 9 Student Presentations
Project Proposal Due
Student Presentations No Class
Nov 16 Student Presentations Student Presentations Student Presentations
Nov 23 Thanksgiving, no class
Nov 30 Student Presentations Student Presentations Student Presentations
Dec 7 No Class No Class No Class
Dec 14 Project Talks, times TBD

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