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This course should meet for two lectures for fifteen weeks. I have scheduled three lecture slots to front-load the course to enable better projects and to accommodate some travel. Thus, approximately fifteen lectures will be cancelled.

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Date Topic Content
Mon 9/5 No Class Yet (Labor Day)
Wed 9/7 Introduction

Read Sutter&Larus Queue05
Read Knights Landing Micro16
Start Reading LLNL Tutorial and finish within a week

Fri 9/9 OpenMP, etc.

Review Dagum/Menon CSE98
Skim LLNL OpenMP Tutorial
Reference OpenMP 838 Lecture Notes
Reference OpenMP Home Page
Reference Woo et al. ISCA95

Mon 9/12 Some Architecture

Due Homework 0 (Bios)
Read Haswell Micro14
Read Sorin et al. Synthesis11 Chapters 1 & 2

Wed 9/14 HW1 Discussion + Introduction, cont.

Due Homework 1 (OMP)
Review: Scott Synthesis12 Chapters 1-3

Fri 9/16 Task based parallelism

Review: Contreras IIWSC 2008
Skim TBB Tutorial

Mon 9/19 CILK

Review Frigo et al. PLDI98

Wed 9/21 Discussion + CILK + Misc.

Due Homework 2 (Task based programming)
Read Cormen et al. MIT10 Chapter 27
Reference Cilk hyper-objects (reducers, etc) paper
Reference Cilkscreen paper
Reference Cilk++ paper (Cilk++ was the version after Cilk-5, but before Cilk Plus)

Fri 9/23 No Class
Mon 9/26 Locks & Barriers

Read Sorin et al. Synthesis11 Chapters 3 & 4

Wed 9/28 Discussion + Atomics

Due Homework 3 (CILK)
Read: Scott Synthesis12 Chapters 4 & 5

Fri 9/30 Threads

Review Bayer/Schkolnick RDB
C++11 memory Model Slides by Hans Bohm
Reference POSIX Threads Programming Web Site
Reference pThreads 838 Notes

Mon 10/3 More Threads

Review Lee Computer06
Reference Gray et al. RDB
Reference Sorin CACM12

Wed 10/5 Lock Free etc.

Review: Scott Synthesis12 Chapters 6 and 8
Read: Michael 2004

Fri 10/7 Discussion

Due Homework 4 (C++ Threads)

Mon 10/10 No Class
Wed 10/12

Introduction to TM

Review Harris et al. Synthesis10 Chapters 1, 2.0-2.1

Fri 10/14 No Class
Mon 10/17 Discussion

Due Homework 5 (Lock Free Queues)

Wed 10/19 More Transactional Memory

Review Yoo, et al. SC13
Read Harris et al. Synthesis10 Chapters 4.0, 5.0
Reference TSX Web Resources
Reference Moore et al. HPCA06
Reference Rajwar/Goodman Micro01
Reference Rajwar/Goodman Micro01 Talk
Reference Hill VLDB08 Keynote Slides 21-43
Reference LogTM talk
Reference Dalessandro et al. PPOPP10

Fri 10/21 Intro to GPUs

Preliminary Project Ideas due
Reference Microbenchmarking Caches
Reference Performance Pathologies in HTM
Lecture Notes Hower's perspective

Mon 10/24 GPU Hardware

Read Bakhoda et al. ISPASS09
Reference Russell CACM78

Wed 10/26 Discussion

Due Homework 6 (Transactional Memory)

Fri 10/28 GPU Software

Review Kim et al. Synthesis12 Chapters 1-3
Lecture Notes Negrut GPU SW
Reference Kim et al. Synthesis12 Chapter 4
Reference Hillis&Steele CACM86

Mon 10/31 No Class
Wed 11/2 Discussion

Due Homework 7 (CUDA/GPU)

Fri 11/4

Sparse Linear Systems
w/ Prof. Eftychios Sifakis

Project Proposal due
Review Saad SIAM03 Sections 11.1, 11.4 (for context) & 11.5 (most relevant)
Reference McAdams SCA10
Lecture Notes Sifakis12

Mon 11/7 Hands-On SIMD
w/ Prof. Eftychios Sifakis
Read Intel IA64opt Sections 2.10, 4.2 & 4.3
Lecture Notes Sifakis2012
Wed 11/9 Review
Fri 11/11 Exam
Mon 11/14 No Class
Wed 11/16 Paper Presentations
Fri 11/18 Paper Presentations
Mon 11/21 No Class
Wed 11/23 No Class
Fri 11/25 No Class Thanksgiving Friday
Mon 11/28 No Class
Wed 11/30 Project Meetings Prof Wood's Office
Fri 12/3 No Class
Mon 12/5 No Class
Wed 12/7 No Class
Thursday 12/8 Class Conference 2:00pm-5:00pm, 4310 CSS
Fri 12/9 No Class
Mon 12/12 No Class
Wed 12/14 No Class
Fri 12/16 No Class Classes End
TUE 12/20 No Class Project Reports Due
Email PDF by 8:59am CT

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