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Each project team will make three presentations to the class: a paper presentation and a final presentation.

Paper Presentation

Each project team will present a previously-published research paper in class on designated lecture days in November/December. The goal of this presentation is to describe the key methods and findings of the work and how it relates to your project. There is no better way to learn something than to teach it. Each presentation will have a 25 minute slot, so plan for 15-18 minutes without interruptions.

The presented paper must be pertinent to your project and include discussion of how it relates.

Final Presentation

The talk should give highlights of the final report, including the problem, motivation, results, conclusions, and possible future work. Each presentation will have a 25 minute slot, so plan for 18 minutes without interruptions. You will lose points if you are more than a minute too long or too short.

Presentation Grading Rubric

I will use the following grading rubric for your oral presentation: PDF

Please, practice your talk to make it better and see how long it is. Have a plan for what slides to skip if you get behind. Please see Oral Presentation Advice, including David Patterson's How to Give a Bad Talk and |K. Compton and M.L.Chang's Terrible Presentations (...and how to not give one).

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