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  Alex S with the puck
  Celebrating David's goal
  Charlie in the corner with AH player
  Charlie on the move close-up
  Charlie on the move
  Charlie with the puck
  Chris dives across the crease
  Puck coming into Chris (head high)
  Dan follows the play
  Dan near the blue line
  David behind the net
  David cuts off AH player
  Hockey in black and white
  Jacob's shot deflects high
  Kris after the puck at center ice
  Kris at the faceoff
  Kris at the faceoff cropped
  Nate checks AH player off the puck
  Puck in the air in front of Chris (head high again
  Robby with the puck along the far boards
  Robby with the puck at center ice
  Ryan on the move
  Ryan with the puck
  Ryan and Ryland in the corner
  Tyler on defense
  Tyler on the move
  Action in front of the AH net
  Action near the regent net
  Alex WD guards the crease
  Dan and Kris head up-ice
  Dan at the blue line
  Dan at the blue line
  David gets control of the puck
  Jacob flattens AH player
  Jacob takes a shot
  Jacob works the boards
  Johnny celebrates his goal
  Kris off the bench
  Kris on the move
  Kris on the move 2
  Kris pursues the puck
  Kyle checks AH player on the far boards
  A goal?
  Ryland turns towards the puck
  Tyler keeps the puck
  Tyler sends the puck into the offensive zone
  #1 and #2 ready on defense
  cropped version of Randy and Tyler ready on defens
  Coaches Helvey and Farley and team at timeout
  Dan after a shift
  Nate going over a Beloit player after a hit
  Randy gloves a shot
  Randy makes a save
  Tyler with the puck
  Dan crashes the net
  Jacob carrying the puck
  Jacob near center ice
  Jacob scores on this shot (you can't see puck)
  Jacob with the puck on a rush
  Charlie on the move to the goal
  Charlie ready to intercept a pass
  Charlie with the puck
  Kyle and Peter off the faceoff
  Kyle follows the action
  Kyle has just scored (but he's not in the pic!)
  Kyle with the puck (behind stick)
  Peter about to shoot
  Peter takes a slapshot
  Peter moves the puck up the ice
  Peter after a shift
  Peter sends high hard puck across the ice
  Peter turns the puck back up-ice
  Kris and Johnny in the open ice
  Kris at the net, harrassed by a Beloit defender
  Kris harassing Beloit puck handler
  Nate playing defense
  Nate with a hit
  Alex S. picks up a rebound
  pile at the Regent net
  puck deflects high off the faceoff
  puck is just off the Beloit goalie's stick
  shot by Jacob deflects off the goalie
  West celebrates Jacob's goal
  West celebrates Jacob's goal (version 2)
  West players try to learn rules of "Beloit Hockey"
  West shot deflects high off goalie's shoulder
  West bench watches the action against Edgewood
  West first line celebrates goal against Edgewood
  no 2 sends a pass up ice
  no 2 relieves Edgewood of the puck
  no 2 on defense
  no 3 takes on a larger player
  no 5 at the net
  no 5 in own end
  no 5 takes a faceoff
  no 8 about to catch the puck off the boards
  no 8 getting ready to return to the ice
  no 15 mixes it up
  no 15 takes the puck into the zone
  no 22 works puck while bench watches
  no 27 catches puck
  no 27 takes a break
  no 27 turns shot aside
  (J) Edgewood player in the crease
  (J) Tyler protects the goal
  (J) Dan in front of the net
  (J) Dan in front of the net v2
  (J) Jacob takes a faceoff
  (J) David on defense
  (J) Kyle takes a seat
  (J) Ryan along the boards
  (J) Ryan tackled
  (J) Brent mixes it up
  (J) Brent works along the boards
  (J) Kris carries the puck up-ice
  (J) Alex S along the boards
  (J) Alex S trying for a deflection
  (J) Chris getting crowded
  (J) Chris makes a stop
  (J) Chris stretches for a save
  (J) Chris with the stop
  (J) puck at the Edgewood goal
  (J) puck in front of Chris
  (J) puck in wrong hands in front of Regent net
  (J) West celebrates a goal
  (J) puck loose in front of Regent neet
  (J) celebration at the end of the game
  Number 7 defends the net
  Ryan at the net
  no 21 checks
  no 11 pressures the net
  no 7 takes a shot from the point
  no 1 gloves a shot
  no 9 on the rush
  no 1 makes a save
  Alex WD
  Dan 1
  Dan 2
  Dan with puck along the boards
  David 1
  Ryland on the move
  Charlie breaks out
  Charlie on the forecheck
  Charlie watches action on other side
  David with the puck
  Johnny looks up
  Johnny maneuvers to the goal
  Johnny with the scoring chance
  Kyle after the puck
  Nate on the way down
  Nate pins a player on the boards
  Nate separates H player from the puck
  Nate with the puck
  Puck deflects behind H net
  Ryan covers H forward
  Ryan with the puck
  Three Regents bury H player along boards
  Tyler 1
  Tyler on defense
  no 5 takes a faceoff
  no 5 at the doorstep
Janesville 2  
  Action off the faceoff
  Alex S follows the play
  Alex S reverses direction to play D
  Brent leaving the corner
  Brent with the puck in the offensive zone
  Charlie with the puck
  Chris guards the post
  Chris in the eye of the storm
  Chris watches the puck go high behind the net
  Dan after the puck in the offensive zone
  Dan anticipating the puck
  Dan follows the play
  David moves the puck into the zone
  Jacob with the puck
  Kris on the faceoff
  Kyle guards the front of the net
  Kyle ready at the faceoff
  Kyle wins the draw
  Kyle with the puck behind the J net
  Kyle with the puck coming around the J net
  Nate with the puck along the boards
  Nate working through the defense
  Peter on defense
  Peter with the puck
  puck about to hit Chris
  Ryan pursues the puck
  Ryan and Kyle in front of the J net
  Ryan carries the puck up-ice
  Ryan with the puck
  Unidentified West player tries to push through D
  West celebrates goal
Kettle Moraine  
  Alex WD ready
  Along the bench after Kurt's goal
  Ben along the bench after Kurt's goal
  Ben in action
  Ben moves to the boards
  Ben moves to the edge of KM crease
  Ben follows the action
  Dan on the move
  Dan with the puck
  David, Peter, and Dan
  Schumacher line at the faceoff
  Jacob changes direction
  Kurt awaits teammates after scoring from the point
  Kurt congratulated by teammates
  Kurt along the bench after scoring goal
  Kyle 1
  Kyle delivers a check
  Kyle takes a KM player down
  Nate reaches for the puck
  Robbie on the move
  Robbie ready near the blue line
  Ryland at a break in the action
  Tyler delivers a check
  Charlie with KM player about to go down
  Alex S and Peter clear out a KM player
  Alex WD at the faceoff
  Alex WD guards the Regent net
  Alex WD on defense
  Brent and Kyle near the KM net
  Charlie after the puck
  Charlie in front of the KM net
  Dan surrounded by teammates after scoring
  Kris celebrates Dan's goal
  Jacob 1
  Jacob checked into KM net
  Jacob fights through a check
  Jacob gets off a shot
  Johnny across the blue line
  Kris about to make a check
  Kris knocks down player behind KM net
  Pressure on the KM net
  Randy guarding the post
  Ryan in front of KM net
  Kiley line pressures the KM net
  Tyler with the puck
La Follette  
  no 22 heading into the corner
  no 2 unleashes a slapshot
  no 2 checks
  no 2 scores on this shot
  no 2 unleashes slap shot
  no 3 takes a faceoff
  no 4 in the offensive zone
  no 5 looks to pass in front of the net
  no 5 talks it over with linesman
  no 5 wins the draw
  no 7 sends the puck up the ice
  no 8 hits the pipe
  no 8 on the net
  no 8 looks to make a pass
  no 8 along the near side
  no 8 at blue line
  no 10 sandwiched
  no 10 works between defenders
  game-winning overtime goal, by no 10 (I think)
  no 11 anticipating the puck
  no 11 sends the puck across ice
  no 11 takes the puck up-ice in OT
  no 11 takes puck around the net under pressure
  no 13 at the blue line
  no 11 (I believe) after sending a pass up-ice
  no 15 leads the charge into the corner
  no 15 sends a pass up-ice
  no 18 leans into an opponent
  no 19 with puck behind the La Follette net
  no 19 with puck underfoot
  no 19 works for position after faceoff
  no 20 has just scored
  no 20 passes cross-ice
  no 21 passes cross-ice
  no 22 and no 13 in the corner
  no 27 has just steered the puck into the corner
  no 27 sprawling
  no 27 sprawling
  no 27 sweeps puck aside
  no panic on the West bench before overtime
  pass just eludes no 20
  no 3 and no 13 on the rush
La Follette 2  
  Alex S in the box
  Alex S near the boards
  Alex S with a hit in the corner
  Alex S with the puck
  Alex S working the puck along the boards
  Alex S working the puck along the boards 2
  Charlie to Jacob on the breakout
  David closeup
  David in black and white
  David on the move
  Faceoff in front of West bench
  Jacob 1
  Jacob passes up to Charlie
  Jacob, with teammates on the bench behind him
  Jacob with the puck
  Kyle fighting for control of the puck
  Kyle fighting for the puck 2
  Kyle headed for the goal
  Peter with the puck
  Tyler following the play
  Tyler with the puck
  Tyler making a check in the corner
  West bench watches the action
  Action at the LF goal
  Brent tightly defended
  Coach Farley with players on the bench
  Charlie attacking the net
  Charlie's shot turned aside
  West bench at a timeout
  David on defense
  Johnny at center ice
  Johnny with the puck
  Kyle about to shoot
  Kyle on the faceoff
  Kyle sends the puck across ice
  Nate with the puck
  Peter about to draw a penalty
  Peter with the puck
  Peter with the puck looks up-ice
  West on the rush
  West fourth line faceoff
  no 1 gloves a slapshot (look closely!)
  no 2 pursues the puck
  no 2 takes the puck out of own zone
  no 5 carries the puck out of own zone
  no 5 cranks a shot
  no 6 digs in after the faceoff
  no 7 along the boards
  no 8 along the boards
  no 8 maneuvering
  no 8 talks it over with the referee
  no 10 cheering section
  no 10 looks back for the puck
  no 10 with the puck near center ice
  no 13 in a collision
  no 14 looks back for the puck
  no 15 delivers a check
  no 19 takes a faceoff
  no 20 charges into the offensive zone
  no 21 about to make a hit
  no 8 with the puck across the blue line
  huddle at a timout
  no 19 about to score vs. Memorial
  no 27 stones Memorial
  no 7 takes the puck up ice under pressure
  no 8 with a clean check
  no 20 driving from the right circle
  Action in the offensive zone
Memorial 2  
  Action in the offensive zone
  Action to the left of the faceoff
  Alex S at the faceoff
  Alex S drives a shot on net
  Anna and Tricia between periods
  At the timeout
  Brent along the boards
  Brent ready at the faceoff
  Charlie and Nate in the offensive zone
  Charlie and Nate on the move to the net
  Charlie chasing down the puck
  Charlie into the Memorial zone
  Dan and Johnny at the end of a shift
  David checks a player
  David with puck in the offensive zone
  David with puck in the offensive zone closeup
  Dan chases the puck into the corner
  Jacob and Charlie chase down the puck
  Jacob at the net, puck in the air (high)
  Jacob challenges for the puck
  Jacob in the corner
  Jacob on the puck near the Memorial goal
  Jacob races up-ice on the break
  Jacob takes a shot
  Jacob takes puck into the zone
  Johnny looks up ice after pinching off opponent
  Johnny playing defense
  Johnny with the puck
  Kris carries puck near the benches
  Kris with the puck
  Kyle unloads the puck before getting hit
  Kyle works the boards behind the net
  Kyle dumps the puck in before taking a check
  Nate and Jacob work the boards
  Nate behind the net
  Nate on the boards
  Nate sends the puck up-ice
  Nate turns up-ice
  Nate with puck behind the net
  Kyle leaps around a check
  Brent takes a shot
  Peter follows the play
  Pressuring the Memorial goal
  Randy deflects a puck high
  Randy deflects a puck high closeup
  Randy drops to block a shot
  Randy makes a save
  Randy ready at the faceoff
  Ryan along the boards
  Ryan hits the brakes as puck sails high behind him
  Ryan off the faceoff
  The infamous non-goal (puck already on way down)
  Tyler hits the brakes as puck flies by
  Kyle (?) crashes the net
  West celebrates Charlie's goal
  West wins faceoff (puck at ref's shin)
  West works the puck
  no 1 about to make a kick save
  no 19 takes a shot from the point
  no 18 picks up the puck in the neutral zone
  no 8 leans into the faceoff
  Middleton center waves at the puck
  no 6 takes a faceoff
  First line celebrates goal
  no 4 slips past block
  puck behind the middleton net
Middleton 2  
  Alex S in front of M net
  Charlie along the boards
  Charlie on the move
  Charlie with the puck
  Chris deflects puck behind the net
  Jacob at the faceoff
  Johnny on the forecheck
  Johnny on the forecheck 2
  Kris with puck behind the net
  Kyle in the mix
  Nate with puck behind the M net
  Peter 1
  Peter after checking M player
  Peter and Ryan
  Peter near the West net
  Ryan 1
  Tyler 1
  Tyler 2
  Tyler on defense
  Tyler on defense 2
  West surrounds M player
  Alex WD 1
  Alex WD on D
  Celebrating Nate's goal
  Dan 1
  Kris and Dan change direction
  Coach Helvey and team at practice 1
  Coach Helvey and team at practice 2
Practice 2  
  Alex S
  Alex WD
  Brad along the bench
  Brad having a laugh
  Chris out the net like a turtle on the beach
  Coach with the puck
  Coach Helvey 2
  Coach Helvey 3
  Coach Helvey lets one fly in practice
  Dan and Charlie
  Fancy stickwork
  Goalie in trouble
  Goalies and D talk it over
  Group shot
  Kyle and Tyler
  Lighter moment
  Hockey as metaphor for inner struggle
  More stickwork
  Next in line
  The price of failure
  Tyler takes a breather
Sauk Prairie  
  After first playoff win 1
  After first playoff win 2
  Alex S in a helmet-shifting check
  Alex S in another helmet-shifting check
  Alex WD about to shoot
  Alex WD in front of SP net
  Alex WD on the move
  Anna and Tricia after the game
  Ben and Ryland lead the charge across center ice
  Ben and Ryland close-up
  Ben checks
  Ben checks 2
  Ben works the puck forward
  Brent and Dan off the faceoff
  Brent decides to do a push-up
  Brent handles puck while fending off SP player
  Brent makes a hit on the far boards
  Brent makes a hit on the far boards
  Brent takes the puck up-ice
  Brent with SP player on his back
  Celebrating Dan's goal
  Coaching Staff
  Dakota congratulated at end of game
  Dakota ready
  Dakota surrounded after playoff win
  Dan about to shoot
  Dan has just scored (puck is in the net)
  Dan on the move
  Dan takes the puck into the zone
  Jacob about to try a wrap-around
  Jacob carries the puck
  Johnny and Nate after a goal by Nate
  Johnny checks SP player behind the net
  Johnny lets it fly
  Kurt takes a shot
  Kyle in check at center ice
  Robby in action
  Robby leans into SP player
  Robby on the move
  Robby puckhandles under pressure
  Robby with puck at the SP goal
  Robby works for position
  Ryland and Robby at the SP net
  Ryland breaks it out
  Ryland disrupts SP puckhandler
  Ryland looks back for the puck
  Ryland on a check
  Ryland pins SP player to the boards
  Ryland wraps up SP player
  First line faceoff
  no 9 protects the net
  no 4 in front of the net
  Number 15 with the puck
Sun Prairie  
  Action near the SP net
  Action in front of the Regent net
  Action off the faceoff
  Alex S holds the point
  Alex S in front of SP net
  Alex S with the puck
  breaking out of team huddle at start of the game
  Brent moves to help Kyle along the boards
  Charlie intense after getting control of the puck
  Johnny and Dan on the forecheck
  Dan chases SP puck carrier
  Dan leans into SP player
  Dan looks to pass
  Dan ready
  David checks SP player off the puck
  David getting shaved by SP player
  David on defense
  David passes to break out of W zone
  End of a close game
  Jacob comes around own net
  Jacob sends the puck towards the camera
  Jacob turns the play up-ice
  Jacob works for the puck
  Johnny crashes the net
  Johnny fights for the puck
  Johnny on the puck handler
  Johnny picks up the puck
  Johnny ready
  Kris carries the puck
  Kris hot on the heels of SP carrier
  Kris wins the draw
  Kris works for the puck
  Nate across center ice (with the puck?)
  Nate behind the net
  Nate checks an SP player
  Nate looks to maneuver with the puck
  Nate in front of the SP net
  Nate's shot blocked (in the goalie's pad)
  Peter along the boards
  Peter on D
  Puck on edge after going through the crease
  Puck poke-checked off of Johnny's stick
  Randy about to catch puck in the chest
  Randy gloves a shot
  Randy makes a save
  Randy ready
  Randy ready at the top of the crease
  Randy ready for the puck
  Randy starting to swing to the far post
  Ready at the faceoff
  Rob moves towards the action
  Rob on the wing
  Ryan maneuvers with the puck
  Ryan swings the puck behind the SP net
  Tyler behind the net
  Tyler congratulates Randy on the shutout
  Tyler handles SP player
  Tyler has just checked a player
  Tyler along the boards
  unknown West player bowls into SP goalie
  National Anthem
  Huddle at the start of the Waunakee game
  no 3 at center ice
  no 4 hitting the brakes
  no 5 about to score after faking goalie
  no 6 in the offensive zone
  no 6 moving up ice
  no 7 on defense
  no 8 at center ice
  no 9 on the breakout
  no 9 on the breakout v2
  no 11 at center ice
  no 11 with puck on edge
  no 13 sends backhand pass in front of net
  no 13 with puck behind the Waunakee net
  no 14 in the offensive zone
  no 15 going into the corner
  no 15 in front of the net
  no 15 in the offensive zone
  no 18 gathers the puck at center ice
  no 19 in the defensive zone
  no 20 at center ice
  no 20 takes a faceoff
  no 22 near center ice vs. Waunakee
  no 30 deflects the puck wide
  no 30 focused on the faceoff
  no 30 makes a save
  no 30 stops shot from the right crease
  no 30 turns back a Waunakee break
  no 30 with puck in front
  West celebrates goal vs. Waunakee
Wausau East  
  12 and 8 breaking in
  Number 8 taking it up the ice


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