Assignments for CS412 (as of 22dec00)

plot of ordered total homework scores; in postscript and pdf.

definition of cheating

Scientific work is very much based on cooperation, on making use of other people's work. However, if one presents work under one's own name, one is honor-bound to list any such sources used. Failure to do so is called cheating and results in loss of one's scientific standing (and worse).

This also applies to homework handed in under one's own name. Specifically, the instructor has nothing against students discussing homework assignments provided such cooperation is explicitly acknowledged in the homework handed in. Of course, each student separately hands in homework and, by putting his or her name onto the homework, certifies that this is their own work. If they have discussed some or all of the problems with others and this has influenced what they finally produced, such influence should be explicitly acknowledged. Merely copying someone else's homework is unacceptable, even if the copy explicitly states that this was copied from so-and-so's homework.

The TAs will be alert to possible cheating; in case of cheating (on homework or exams), the instructor intends to impose penalties whose negative effect is much larger than the potential positive gain from cheating.

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policies and comments

If a problem asks you to construct a MATLAB m-file and/or to carry out some MATLAB calculation, be sure to hand in the clean and well-commented m-file(s) and/or script which carries out the calculations, along with a diary (edited to be short and to the point) and/or plot(s) showing the relevant answer(s) generated by your script.
Mark all homework clearly with your name. In addition, put the first letter of your last name boldly into the upper left corner of the first page of your homework, to make it easier for us to sort it and for you to find it again when it is handed back.

There will be an assignment every two weeks, and each assignment (except for the first) is likely to contain three problems, summing up to 60-65 points, with 5 T/F questions providing an additional 10-15 points.

Electronic submission of homework: Some homework assignment may ask you to submit MATLAB m-files and/or scripts you wrote also electronically. This you do by copying them into the directory /p/course/cs412-deboor/homework (on afs). Be aware that you cannot overwrite nor read a file already there, not even your own. (to top)

policy on late homework

  1. Any homework not handed in by the BEGINNING of the class period of the due date loses 10%.
  2. Any homework not handed in by 5p of the due date loses 25%.
  3. Any homework not handed in by noon of the day after the due date loses 100%.
  4. To `hand in' homework outside class, put it into the instructor's mailbox (fifth floor of CS & Stat) or hand it directly to the instructor (if you can find him :-).
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policy on grading disputes

Any discussion concerning the grading of a particular homework must be initiated within one week of the day when that homework was returned in class. (to top)