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A Cappella Arrangements: In college, I spent four glorious years with the Macalester Traditions. Most of my arrangements are available below for anyone interested. The scores are provided as Finale .mus files.

Compositions: During my first year in college, I wrote two final compositions for my Music Theory I and II classes. The first is an arrangment for guitar, violin, viola, and cello, although choice of instrument for everything except the guitar part is flexible. The second is an abridged telling of the story Rumpelstiltskin arranged for two guitars, two male vocalists, and a bassist. (You can listen to the midi but it will be hard to follow without the text.)

  • Music Theory I Final Composition: .mus .midi
  • Music Theory II Final Composition: .mus .midi

Before college, I composed and recorded music during my last couple of years in high school as well. Unfortunately, I lost some of these (priceless) recordings while moving. I do have some recordings from my old analog four-track though. Those that I feel are safe for public consumption are listed below.

  • Be With You: .mp3
    (a love song I once wrote; recorded in June 2000)
  • Theme Song to Frankenstein (the book): .mp3
    (created for High School Junior English class project; recorded sometime in '98/'99 -- the tape was slightly damaged so you'll hear couple-second muffled silence in the middle of the song)


During my last few years of college, I regularly went swing dancing at the Tapestry. I also competed in ballroom dance while studying abroad, picking up a few prizes at the War of the Roses tournament in York, England. In Washington DC, Laura and I picked up salsa and performed with Tim Darst's Son in Motion dance team. I've included some videos below.

  • Ducati, performed at Glen Echo Park, DC: .wmv
  • Music From Hell, performed at Zanzibar on the Waterfront, DC: .wmv


Things I Enjoy:

  • Music: composing, arranging, performing, and listening.
  • Strategy: puzzles, games (chess?), computing.
  • Web development: bb-oftl.
  • Fitness: Soccer, cycling, and swimming.

Undergraduate Senior Capstone: firestarter: A Real-Time Fire Simulator.
(The title is not clear; it's a graphical fire simulator)