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  • Degree Auditing Reporting Service

    DARS is the official document of record (DOR) for all students to graduate. It available directly to students via MyUW. It is a degree audit tool, that can be used to compare all credits against any UW degree program.

    Integrated Student Information System (ISIS) is where student records are stored. Transcripts are now just report generated from ISIS.

    October 2007

    DARS 202-303

    Wed (10/23/07) 1:30-3:00pm

    DARS Exception Form

    Get CS version of this form from Mike Pfleiger

    SHOW Audit Report Listing

    L&S SHOW Programs

    Requesting DARS Analysis Reports

    Send email to Mike Pfleiger ( for DARS analysis reports.

    • List of requirements that a course meets.
    • List of exceptions
    • List of student's missing CS302, but have successfully completed 367, and still have not met the basic CS requirement.

    DARS 101

    Wed (10/23/07) 10:00-11:30pm

    Watched Mike's presentation on access and report sections. DARS just audits (real time) against the ISIS record for any given degree requirement. DARS does store Campus ID, Name, DOB, Academic Exceptions. It is current only for that moment. 48 hours old is a stale DARS and should be rerun.

    Get access to ISIS

    Contact Connie Chapman for ISIS permissions.

    Get access to DARS (DARS Access Request Form)

    Run DARS

    DARS Advisor Request Page

    Some fields of interest in the DARS online tool:
    Plan Code: 229 Computer Sciences
    Calendar Year: 20051 When student started college, i.e. Fall 2004
    Alt Calendar Year: 20062 When student declared, i.e. Spring 2006

    1971 Degree Requirements are in effect for students who entered the University on or before Spring 2007

    2007 Degree Requirements are in effect for students who enterd the University on or after the Fall 2007 semester.

    1. Select L&S
    2. Type TRANSCRIPT in the program field.
    3. Enter declaration term: Fall 2005, is term code 20061
    4. Click Apply Rules
    5. Click Submit What-if Audit
    6. Click View Audits
    What-if DARS

    Use Apply Rules.

    DARS L&S Advisors Page


    Review the changes to L&S Graduation requirements.

    BABS07 Page

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