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CS367 Fall 2004

Introduction to Data Structures


Check here frequently for the latest announcements regarding the course and assignments.

12/18/04 Your handin directories and grade files have been moved from within your TA's folder to one folder. You can find your work at:


where login is your CS login name.

12/18/04 Exams have been graded and you may come to my office (5376CS) to view your exam and grade report. I will be in my office from 12:30pm to 2:30pm on Tuesday 12/20/04. You will not be allowed to keep your final exam.

Final Exam

7:25-9:25 pm

Bring UW ID, #2 pencils and eraser.

12/18/04 If you're interested in getting your own software (it's free) for creating cool interactive Concept Maps, try this website: http://cmap.ihmc.us/

Thanks Bernhard for the link.

12/15/04 I have posted an old exam on the exams page and added some to the TournamentTree class design on the H3 Solution.
12/13/04 I've updated the office hours schedule to include an Exam Review and the Final Exam time for this week.
12/09/04 I've added a set of PowerPoint slides to the syllabus. They show the algorithms for balancing a node after adding a new node causes an unbalanced node in a binary search tree.
See BinaryNode_rotations.ppt.
12/07/04 The tree in Q9 of Homework #3 has been corrected. The node with "65 68" should be "75 78". See the homework for the corrected image.
12/07/04 Link to animated version of Dijkstra's Shortest Path algorithm: www.cs.sunysb.edu/~skiena/combinatorica/animations/dijkstra.html
12/06/04 Homework 3 has been released. A hardcopy (hand-written or printout) is due in class, on Tuesday, December 14th.
11/19/04 I have added some examples of running the database program A4. Be sure to review the example files to ensure that your program handles the input and output in the same way. This is required, to ensure effective grading.
11/19/04 I have released A4 which is due Friday, 12/10 at 11:59pm. Be sure to check back frequently as I will add announcements as I receive questions from students regarding this assignment. Be sure to copy Karthik (karthikj) and Sai (ksai) on any questions you may have as I will be out of town until late Sunday evening. -Deb
11/18/04 Walk-in Computer Science Advising at 25 Ingraham Hall
Monday    11/22/04 2-4pm
Wednesday 12/01/04 2-4pm
11/15/04 Deb's Office has moved to the 5th floor of Computer Sciences. Her new office number is 5376CS.
11/13/04 Oops, I had incorrectly linked to the instructor survey for Stephanie (see below). If you already took the survey, would you please email Deb and also retake the correct survey. Deb would like to provide some information to Stephanie regarding how many students took the instructor survey. The correct link for the student survey is at: https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/rastraub/web/

You must take the survey from Internet Explorer

11/11/04 I received this request from Stephanie Simon, a UW-Madison senior:
My name is Stephanie Simon and I am a senior at UW-Madison.  I am
currently participating in the Public Relations Student Society of
America's Bateman Competition, during which my group and I will
develop a strategic campaign to bring attention to the issue of
academic misconduct on this campus.

According to research conducted by the Gallup Organization, two
leading problems facing U.S. society today are education and ethics.
In order to create an effective campaign to intensify attention to
this problem we are conducting a survey of both UW-Madison students
and faculty to gather data on attitudes towards academic misconduct.
She asks, that you take the survey found at:
https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/rastraub/web/ and submit your results. Please note that this site is ONLY accessible in Internet Explorer.

11/09/04 Second Midterm

Date: TUESDAY, NOV 9th
Time: 7:15-9:15 pm

Bring #2 pencils and eraser.

11/06/04 The solution for H2 has been posted and then revised at 11:30am.
11/04/04 Please complete the CS367 Computer Usage Survey.
10/29/04 The lecture slides for Tues (11/2) and Thurs (11/4) have been posted early so that students may reference them while working on Homework 2 and for study for the second Midterm. There may be differences between these and those actually used in class.
10/29/04 Homework problem set #2 is available. It is due Friday, November 5th at 11:59pm.
10/29/04 Students who expect to complete the work required to declare a CS major by the end of this semester should contact Bob Holloway (bobh@cs.wisc.edu).
10/28/04I answered an FAQ on the A3 web page. Please be sure to review the page for announcements regarding the assignment.
10/22/04Sorry, you may NOT use recursion instead of a stack of Frames for A3. You must implement the Frame class and use a stack of Frame objects to keep track of the state of each function's evaluation.
10/19/04Assignment 3 is available and is due Monday, Nov 1st, 2004 at 11:59pm.
10/17/04The syllabus has changed. We will be covering the Stack ADT on Tuesday 10/19, instead of the Dictionary ADT. Please read Chapter 20 for Tuesday's Lecture (10/19).
10/15/04Please email questions to both of the course TAs, as well as Deb.
10/13/04Several students have asked about using code from other sources for A2. I have said that students should author their own source code for A2. That is the only way to gain the experience and understanding that A2 is intended to provide.

However, you're unable to get your sort working correctly, it is better to reference your textbook, ask a TA or myself to get the problem resolved. Doing a web search for code should not be used for this assignment. If code from any source other than yourself or your project partner is used, you must cite the source and how it was used.

10/13/04The exams have been returned. Students have until Tuesday, October 19th, to request a regrade of their exam. Exams grades may be viewed from the CS instructional machines by using Mozilla to open your report.html file. It is located at:
Be sure to change talogin to the TA for your lecture and login to your CS login.

10/11/04Assignment 2 is available and is due Monday, Oct 18th, 2004 at 11:59pm
10/07/04Exams will be returned on Tuesday, Oct 12th
10/07/04 A student's search for a full length copy of "Sorting out Sorting" online, yielded these sites for you to try:

The last part can be stepped through, frame by frame. Thanks to Erik Weiss for bringing this to my attention.

10/07/04Sorting Algorithms Demo
10/04/04First Midterm Exam, TUESDAY, OCT 5th, 7:15-9:15 pm, 113 PSYCHOLOGY
Bring #2 pencils and eraser.
10/03/04Assignment 1 grades are available. See the grade.html file in your A1 handin directory.
10/02/04Homework 1 solution is available.
09/30/04I have posted last semester's first midterm. See the Exams link for a link to the old exam. No solution will be provided, but I will answer questions regarding the exam in lecture.
09/27/04Homework 1 is available and is due Friday, Oct 1st, 2004 at 11:59pm
09/23/04The A0 grade files are available. You can view your grade.html file for A0 in your AO handin directory.
09/23/04Added information regarding the contains method in ListInterface. See the assignment and the Javadocs for ListInterface for more information.
09/20/04Assignment 1 is available and is due Monday, Sept 27th, 2004
09/17/04A few students have asked how I configured my version of TextPad so that it could compile and run JUnit TestCase classes. I have created a brief description of the steps required to configure the "Tools" menu with these options. There is a link to the TextPad Configuration information on the Java Links page.
The International Collegiate Programming Contest is a yearly computer
programming competition for undergrads and beginning graduate students
from all over the world. It is organized by the Association for Computing
Machinery, and consists of two tiers: a regional contest and the world
finals. Since UW-Madison started participating three years ago, we have
always been able to advance to the world finals, and we would like to
keep up that tradition.

This academic year, the regional contest will be on November 13, 2004, and
the world finals will be April 3-7, 2005 in Shanghai, China. We will start
preparing for the competition soon.

If you're interested and are within the first five years of starting your
post-secondary education, please attend the planning meeting on Monday,
September 20, at 7:30pm in CS&S 2310. For more information, see
http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~dieter/ICPC .

Hope to see you at the meeting,

 -- Dieter (dieter@cs.wisc.edu)

9/10/4There is a link to a mini-tutorial for using "vi". Go to the UNIX page for more information.
9/9/4A0 FAQ: How do I connect remotely to my CS account in the CS lab?
9/9/4Make: How do I use the make utility in UNIX? by Prof. Horwitz
9/7/4The TA information and Weekly Office Hours Schedule have been posted. Please see links in sidebar.
9/3/4 I have put three copies of each of the textbooks on reserve at Wendt Library. They should be available within a few days. The "Data Structures" text is on 2-hour reserve and the Unix handbook is on 3-day reserve. Please respect other students interest in these books and return them as soon as you are done using them.
9/2/4 Today's lecture notes are available online. Use the link to the syllabus to find the link to each day's lecture notes. The syllabus page is subject to change, you will want to review this page frequently throughout the semester to keep up with the course.
9/2/4CS367 students are required to use Unix machines to test and handin their work.

Attend one of the CSL Unix Orientation session as soon as possible. You will learn what your CS login is, how to login, and how to check (or forward) email sent to your CS account. Ensure that you are receiving your CS email by sending a message to yourself at: your-cs-login@cs.wisc.edu

9/2/4 Review I/O, inheritance, interfaces and abstract classes in Java. See the Java links in the sidebar at the right of this page.
9/2/4Purchase the course text book(s)
9/2/4Read the Course Overview

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