Program Traces Example

Input Data

The input data:

The input file looks like:
5 51 179 27 1
1 8 191 31 1
7 82 236 25 1


We are trying to debug the program, and compare the performance of different distributed algorithms.


click here to see our model of creating visualizations.

The visualization is created as follows:

  1. Map each record, representing one computation, to a rectangle: workstation number on the Y axis, and time on the X axis. The length of the rectangle represents the length of each computation. Map job number to color.
  2. Use the mouse button to fetch the actual records under the mouse pointer. The records are displayed textually in a pop-up window.


  1. This example is used to illustrate the mapping flexibility of DEVise.
  2. Calculations occur in cycles.
  3. Black rectangles are represented by aborted jobs: jobs that have to be abandoned because a workstation is reclaimed by its user.

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