DEVise 1.11 is currently available for the following architectures:

Setup Procedure

If you do decide to run DEVise 1.11, here's how to go about it.

To run DEVise, go to the devise/run directory that the set_up_user script created, and run devise or devisepub.

devise runs DEVise with your own sessions, schemas, and data sources (example files are installed in your devise directory).

devisepub runs DEVise with the public sessions, schemas, and data sources. (If you are not in the miron:devise AFS group, you won't have write permissions on any of those files.)

Devise-sup Mailing List

If you set yourself up to run DEVise 1.11, you should subscribe to the devise-sup (DEVise support) mailing list. This is a mailing list intended to provide information to DEVise users and to allow them to pose questions about using DEVise. Subscribing to this mailing list will allow you to get information such notices about alpha releases of a new version of DEVise.

To subscribe to devise-sup, send email to with the following as the message body:


Send mail to the DEVise User Support Hotline.