Hello, my name is
Dhruv Jain
And I'm a

About Me

I'm Dhruv and I'm a developer.

I’m a sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing a bachelors of science in computer science. When I’m not coding, I enjoy mountain biking and playing basketball. Courses I have taken so far include: Advanced Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms, Machine Organization and Programming, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, and Introduction to Computer Engineering. These courses have taught me many invaluable skills and bolstered my critical thinking skills greatly.

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My Skills

My creative skills & experiences.

As a fullstack developer with backend emphasis, I’m proficient in Java, Golang, and Python. Though most of my traditional programming education is in Java, I have taught myself Golang and Python to use in personal projects. I’ve also been using Prometheus, Grafana, and Postgres for my project ‘Surv’ I’m working on now. Docker containers are essential to running and testing my project, so learning how to use and manage them is key. Along with this website, I’ve been building a frontend for my project, which involves HTML, CSS, and JS.

Contact Me

You can reach me here.

I’ve included my Github and LinkedIn below, feel free to shoot me a connection request or an email. You can also see what I’m working on now at my Github.

Dhruv Jain
San Jose, California
Madison, Wisconsin