Computer Sciences Dept.

CS 880 - Quantum Information Processing

Fall 2010


12/2: The tentative schedule for the project presentations is as follows.
  • Thu 12/9:
    Tyson: Applications of Quantum walks
    Cong Han: Tightness of the generalized adversary argument
    John: Nonlocality

  • Mon 12/13:
    Mark: Protocols for secret key exchange
    Brian : Coin flipping
    Kenny: Stabilizer formalism and codes

  • Tue 12/14:
    Balu: Solving systems of linear equations
    Dalibor: Applications of representation theory
    Hesam: The hidden subgroup problem for the dihedral group
11/8: The deadline for the second assignment is extended by one week. The new due date is 11/16 in my mailbox.
10/21: Because of the CS distinguished lecture this Monday 10/25 3:30-4:30pm, our lecture that day will be 4:45-6:00pm.
9/3: We will keep the original time slots of TR 2:30-3:45pm and add a new one M 4:00-5:15pm. The first Monday lecture will be on 9/13.
9/2: The first lecture will be today 2:30-3:45pm in CS 1257. In order to accommodate some people and front load the course, we will try to reschedule to different time slots than the official TR 2:30-3:45pm.
5/8: Welcome to CS 880! Please click on the "General Info" tab on the left to find out the information that is currently available about the Fall 2010 offering. More details will be added in due time.

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