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We show that sets consisting of strings of high Kolmogorov complexity provide examples of sets that are complete for several complexity classes under probabilistic and non-uniform reductions. These sets are provably not complete under the usual many-one reductions.

Let RC, RKt, RKS, RKT be the sets of strings x having complexity at least |x|/2, according to the usual Kolmogorov complexity measure C, Levin's time-bounded Kolmogorov complexity Kt, a space-bounded Kolmogorov measure KS, and a new time-bounded Kolmogorov complexity measure KT, respectively.

Our main results are:

Our hardness result for PSPACE gives rise to fairly natural problems that are complete for PSPACE under polynomial-time Turing reductions, but not under logarithmic-space many-one reductions.

Our techniques also allow us to show that all computably-enumerable sets are reducible to RC via P/poly-truth-table reductions. This provides the first ``efficient'' reduction of the halting problem to RC.