Remote Desktop to Your Work Computer behind COE/CAE firewall

This is a brief tutorial on how one can connect from a home computer (PC or Mac, normally outside the campus network) to a work PC behind the fireware of the College of Engineering network. Two outdated references are here (for PC) and here (for Mac).

For home PC

  1. Download PuTTY
  2. Run PuTTY.exe
  3. In the Host Name (or IP address) field, type
  4. In the Port field, type
  5. Choose SSH for Connection Type
  6. In the Category navigation panel/tree, select Connection->SSH->Tunnels
  7. Now you are in the "Options controlling SSH port forwarding" session
  8. [optional] You can save the above configuration in PuTTY for future connections. Refere to here
  9. Click the Open button, and you will be in the command window. Just log in to your CAE account according to the prompts
  10. Leave the PuTTY window open (or minimized, NOT closed). Run the Remote Desktop Connection program. In the Computer field, just type in the Source port value that is forwarded by the remote pc, for example, Click Connect and you are done

For home Mac

Basically, the process is similar to the above for PC. The only two differences are: 1) there is no need to use PuTTY under Mac, since Mac has its own ssh client (best of unix-like systems) and 2) the Remote Desktop Connection program is the Mac version. The second difference can be ignored. So all the things we have done in PuTTY for PC can be simplified by a command in the Mac Terminal:

ssh -L [local TCP/UDP port]:[remote pc ip address]:[remote TCP/UDP port] [username]
For example
ssh -L 3390:
The rest is the same to step 10 in the above tutorial for home PC.