ILP'98 Schedule


Those attending the ILP Tutorial Day on Tuesday may pick up their ILP98 registration materials then to avoid the need to do so on Wednesday morning. The ILP Tutorial Day (including registration) will be held in Room 1270, Grainger Hall.

Extended presentations and Invited talks are 40 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for questions. All other presentations are 20 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for questions. Please note room numbers carefully because we will use several different rooms.

On Friday the schedule overlaps with ICML/COLT/UAI. In addition there will be a joint poster session on Saturday from 7:00 to 12:00 at the Madison Convention Center. Poster IDs appear after the talks below.

In the mornings, coffee and bakery items are available from 8:30 - 10:00. Afternoon refreshments are available at the 3:10 break. Lunches on Wednesday and Thursday are paid in the registration fee and are served in Room 3275.

Wednesday, July 22:

MORNING (Grainger Hall, Room 1220)

8:00 Registration

8:50 Welcome

9:00 SESSION 1

	Combining Statistical and Relational Methods for Learning
	in Hypertext Domains (Extended Presentation) [ILP-1]
		S. Slattery and M. Craven

9:50 BREAK

10:05 SESSION 2

	Using Prior Probabilities and Density Estimation for Relational
	Classification [ILP-10]
		J. Cussens

	A Stochastic Simple Similarity [ILP-6]
		M. Sebag

10:55 BREAK

11:10 SESSION 3

	Induction of Constraint Grammar-Rules Using Progol [ILP-7]
		M. Eineborg and N. Lindberg

	A Hybrid Approach to Word Segmentation [ILP-8]
		D. Kazakov and S. Manandhar

	Learning Multilingual Morphology with CLOG [ILP-9]
		S. Manandhar, S. Dzeroski, and T. Erjavec

12:35 LUNCH (Grainger Hall, Room 3275)

AFTERNOON (Grainger Hall, Room 1220)

1:30  SESSION 4

	Prolog, Refinements and RLGG's [ILP-11]
		C. Sammut

	Completing Inverse Entailment [ILP-4]
		S. Muggleton

	Normal Programs and Multiple Predicate Learning [ILP-13]
		L. Fogel and G. Zaverucha

	(Refreshments arrive at 3:10)

3:40  SESSION 5

        Learning Structurally Indeterminate Clauses [ILP-14]
        	J.-D. Zucker and J.-G. Ganascia

	Detecting Traffic Problems with ILP [ILP-15]
		S. Dzeroski, N. Jacobs, M. Molina, C. Moure,
		S. Muggleton, and W. Van Laer

	A Comparison of ILP and Propositional Systems on
	Propositional Traffic Data [ILP-16]
		S. Roberts, W. Van Laer, N. Jacobs,
		S. Muggleton, and J. Broughton

4:55  BREAK



Thursday, July 23:

MORNING (Grainger Hall, Room 1175)

9:00 SESSION 1

	Term Comparisons in First-Order Similarity
	Measures (Extended Presentation) [ILP-2]
		U. Bohnebeck, T. Horvath, and S. Wrobel

9:50 BREAK

10:05 SESSION 2

	Distances and Limits on Herbrand Interpretations
		S.-H. Nienhuys-Cheng

	Relational Distance-Based Clustering [ILP-18]
		M. Kirsten and S. Wrobel

	A Framework for Defining Distances Between First-Order
	Logic Objects [ILP-19]
		J. Ramon and M. Bruynooghe
11:20 BREAK

11:35 SESSION 3

	Using ILP Systems for Verification and Validation of
	Multi-Agent Systems [ILP-20]
		N. Jacobs, K. Driessens, and L. De Raedt

	Strongly Typed Inductive Concept Learning [ILP-21]
		P.A. Flach, C. Giraud-Carrier, and J.W. Lloyd

12:35 LUNCH (Grainger Hall, Room 3275)

AFTERNOON (Grainger Hall, Room 1175)

1:30  SESSION 4

	Application of Inductive Logic Programming to Discover
	Rules Governing the Three-Dimensional Topology of
	Protein Structure (Extended Presentation) [ILP-3]
		M. Turcotte, S.H. Muggleton, and M.J.E. Sternberg

	Stochastic Propositionalization of Non-determinate
	Background Knowledge (Extended Presentation) [ILP-5]
		S. Kramer, B. Pfahringer, and C. Helma

3:10  BREAK

3:40  SESSION 5

	Inducing Shogi Heuristics Using Inductive Logic Programming [ILP-22]
		T. Nakano, N. Inuzuka, H. Seki, and H. Itoh

	Repeat Learning Using Predicate Invention [ILP-23]
		K. Khan, S. Muggleton, and R. Parson

	DOGMA: A GA-Based Relational Learner [ILP-12]
		J. Hekanaho

	Function-Free Horn Clauses are Hard to Approximate [ILP-17]
		R. Nock and P. Jappy


	(Lasts until 10:00.  Those also registered for ICML may pick up
	their ICML registration packets at this reception.)

Friday, July 24:


(Those also registered for COLT, ICML, or UAI may pick up registration
packets in Grainger Hall.  At 8:15 in Mills Concert Hall Jude Shavlik
will give ICML Opening Remarks and Welcome to Madison.)

8:30  Joint COLT/ICML/UAI invited talk (Mills Concert Hall, Humanities Bldg)
	Reinforcement Learning: How Far Can It Go?
	Rich Sutton

9:30  BREAK

10:10 SESSION 2 (Grainger Hall, Room 4151)

	Application of ILP to Problems in Chemistry and Biology
	(ILP'98 Invited Talk)
		Ashwin Srinivasan

	Attribute-Value Learning versus Inductive Logic Programming:
	The Missing Links (ILP'98 Invited Talk)
		Luc De Raedt

11:50 LUNCH (On your own)


1:30  SESSION 3 (Grainger Hall, Room 4151)

	Advances in ILP Theory and Implementations (ILP'98 Invited Talk)
		Stephen Muggleton

	(This session will dismiss at 2:20, allowing plenty of time for
	interested participants to attend the joint ICML/ILP technical
	presentation in 2120 Grainger Hall of "Relational Reinforcement
	Learning" by S. Dzeroski, H. Blockeel, and L. De Raedt.  That
	talk is the last in an ICML technical session on reinforcement

3:10  BREAK

3:40  SESSION 4 (2120 Grainger Hall)
      Joint technical session with ICML

	Learning First-Order Acyclic Horn Programs from Entailment [ICML-17]
	C. Reddy and P. Tadepalli
	Top-Down Induction of Clustering Trees [ICML-18]
	H. Blockeel, L. De Raedt, and J. Ramon
	Multistrategy Learning for Information Extraction [ICML-19]
	D. Freitag
	Structural Machine Learning with Galois Lattice and Graphs [ICML-20]
	M. Liquiere and J. Sallantin

7:00  Joint COLT/ICML/ILP/UAI banquet, Madison Convention Center Ballroom
        banquet speaker: David Spiegelhalter
        "2.5 Millennia of Directed Graphs"
        (introduced by Steffen Lauritzen)

Saturday, July 25:

7:00 p.m. - midnight
      joint COLT/ICML/ILP/UAI poster session, Madison Convention Center
      "staffed" 8:00-9:30 if
          first author's last name starts with A-L
      "staffed" 9:30-11:00 if
          first author's last name starts with M-Z