I started learning to fly in late December 2001. It's all Adam's fault -- Adam, Brandon and I flew to Champagn/Urbana, with Adam as Pilot-in-Command, and I was hooked. It took me longer than I had planned to get my Private Pilot certificate, because of a couple of stops-and-starts due to weather, changing instructors, and getting busy at work. Now (Late November 2003) I am starting my instrument training (in the Warrior). I hope to do this in a more concentrated manner than my private training....

[learn to fly] I took lessons at Wisconsin Aviation. For general information, go to the AOPA learn to fly page or the Be A Pilot site.

[AOPA] I am a member of the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association). I had a free "flight training" membership as a new student pilot.

[logbook] My logbook is online.

[map] a map of airports I've flown to or from is online.
These are the states where I've landed or taken off:

FIRST SOLO -- Friday, June 28, 2002!!!!
PRIVATE PILOT -- Wednesday, April 23, 2003!!!!
INSTRUMENT RATING -- Friday, April 23, 2004!!!!
(no, that isn't a typo -- I got my instrument rating exactly 1 year later!)

[trips] Trips I have taken:
MSN-CMX (Houghton Michigan)
MSN-Boston (2004 NCAA Hockey Tournament)
MSN-Atlanta (LISA 2004)

[PICTURES] Pictures from my first flight as a Private Pilot (Pictures by Bryan Ramirez, my first passenger)
Pictures from my second flight as a Private Pilot (Pictures and commentary by Alan Bailey, my second passenger)

Currently scheduled flights:
Sept 27 - 30OSUOhio Linux Fest
Flights I'm thinking about:

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