I play hockey with and help organize the SACM/CS Hockey Club. We play every Friday night and Sunday afternoon during the school year, at "The Shell" on campus. Starting in 2001, we've played in the summer as well (at Capital Ice Arena in Middleton).

I am the captain of the Slow Moving Vehicles, the CS Intramual Ice Hockey team (and Spring 2002 C-League Champions!).

I need to get some pictures from our games, but until them, here's a movie demonstrating the hooking penalty. I am in white. My brother is in black. He is not going to get the puck (Note: that movie was taken a long time ago. I don't hook nearly as often anymore).

[BADGER HOCKEY] I cheer for the Wisconsin Badgers hockey team.

Every year since 1992 (except 2001 -- too busy at work) I go to the NCAA "Frozen Four" championship tournament. The Badgers were last in it in '92 -- but they will be back soon!

[REF] I am now a ref (level 1). The rules are mostly the same, but some things are different:

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