Computer Sciences Dept.

CS 540 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Section 2
Spring 2018

How to Hand In a Homework Assignment in CS 540

For each assignment, all parts, both written and programming, are to be handed in electroncially through Canvas. The due time is always 11:59 p.m. on the given due date. Late penalty rules are given HERE.

  1. For written questions, create and submit a pdf file with your answers to each question. If you have handwritten your answers, you'll have to scan your pages and convert them to a pdf file before submission.

  2. For programming questions, electronically hand in all the required files containing the Java code you wrote or modified for the assignment. Include comments in your code. Results from running required testcases, if any, should be included as separate files and included in the zip file. If there are associated written questions as part of a programming problem, create a separate pdf file with your answers to all the questions or results of experiments. Put your name at the top of the first page in this file and include it in the zip file as well.

  3. Be sure to also save a separate copy of all files with your written answers and code in your own private directory as a backup to the copy you submit. Do not alter your own copy after you turn it in so that the date on the file is the same as the date of what you hand in.

  4. We may run your code on additional test cases besides those given to you to test.

  5. Regrading of any assignment must be done within one week after an assignment is returned.

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