The Luck-O-Meter
Finally find out just how lucky you are!

Last updated: October 2nd 2006

Do you believe in Murphy's laws? Has your best friend just won some nice money on the slot machine on his first try, whilst you have been trying for ages but in vain? Are you losing almost all your backgammon games due to incredibly lucky/unlucky rolls? Take the first-of-a-kind luck test to finally (and scientifically) find out for yourself how lucky/unlucky you are.

Disclaimer: There is no such thing as luck. Everything can be explained using probability theory and personal traits (being in the right place at the right moment, planning... etc). The only purpose of this test is just having fun. Don't take it too seriously! ;)

Q1. If you are running Windows XP, go to StartProgramsGamesInternet Backgammon and start a game of backgammon. When the game starts, you do an initial roll to decide who plays first. Play the initial roll of the game (then apologize to your opponent and exit). What was the result of the initial roll?

1. Oh Crap! I lost the initial roll (Way to go, btw! You are off to a good start! :P)
2. I won the initial roll
3. I don't use Windows XP!

Q2. It is Friday. It is a sunny day. You are staying home. There is a vending machine that is 5 mins away from home. You decide to go get yourself a cola. You leave home for exactly 10 mins! According to your past experience, which one of the following is most likely to happen in these 10 minutes?

1. Umm....? Nothing?
2. The UPS guy comes in and leaves you a note! You just missed the package you have been waiting for.
3. You miss a call from an old friend you really wanted to hear from

Q3. You have a programming assignment due tomorrow. According to your past experience, which one of the following is most likely to happen?

1. I will call a friend for help?
2. My computer will keep crashing / I will run into weird unusual problems with the computer
3. I will discover so many bugs I never noticed before in my program
4. Nothing specific will happen

Q4. Let's try a similar test to Q1. If you are using Windows, go to StartProgramsGamesInternet Checkers. Start a game, what color did the server assign you? (Notice that red always starts the game).

1. I was assigned red
2. I was assigned white (if you also lost in question 1, congratulations! You are on a roll today! :P)
3. I don't use Windows

Q5. You are taking the bus on a far trip. You decide to take your PDA/PSP to get some entertainment on the way. Which one of these is most likely to happen

1. My PDA/PSP will run out of battery... that's for sure!
2. I will forget my PDA/PSP in the bus
3. Nothing. I will probably charge it before the trip.

Q6. You are playing backgammon. You reached this position

You are doing quite well. You just captured two pieces for your opponent. It is your opponent's turn. Most likely, what will be your opponent roll

1. 4 - 1
2. 6 - 6
3. 4 - 4
2. 2 - 5

Q7. You woke up late today for your lecture. You took a quick shower, dressed up and left. In your hurry, you forgot your keys. Luckily, your roommate is staying home today (he also has a copy of the keys). Which one of the following will most probably happen

1. This one is for sure. I will return home to find that my roommate decided to leave the house for some mysterious reason. I will not be able to get in
2. I will find my roommate waiting for me at the door, because he forgot his keys inside too!
3. No problems will probably happen / I never had a similar situation in my life.

Q8. You arrive to the CS building, you are heading for the elevators. You are in a hurry today. Which one of these is most likely to happen (according to your past experience)?

1. One elevator will be on 7th floor, the other will be on 5th floor! Happens all the time!
2. One elevator will be on first floor. Just as you reach out to press the call key to open the door, the elevator starts moving up! Happens all the time!
3. Just as you can see the elevators, you realize one elevator's door is getting closed. It is about to move up! Happens all the time!
4. One elevator at least will be on first floor! I will easily catch it! Happens all the time.

Q9. Remember question 1? let's try doing this again. Start another backgammon game. What is the result of the initial roll?

1. Shoot. I lost this time!
2. I won this time
3. I don't have Windows

Q10. (Optional Question) This question could take some time! If you are running Windows, open StartProgramsGamesSolitaire. Choose GameOptions and change game type to Vegas, Draw One, and make sure Status Bar is also checked. Now, play one game to the best of your ability. After the game is finished, how much money did you end up with  (It will be displayed in the status bar, red indicates negative amount, black indicates positive amount)

1. I ended up with -2 or +3
2. I ended up with a number from +4 to +50
3. I ended up with a number from +50 to +200
4. I ended up with more than 200!!
5. I ended up with a number from -3 down to -30
6. I ended up with less than -30
7. I don't play Solitaire/I don't have time for this question

Q11. When you press Submit below to indicate you are done with the test, what do you think will happen?

1. I will discover I am a lucky person
2. I will discover I am an unlucky person
3. I will get a "This page cannot be displayed" error page. I will have to redo the entire test again!

Make sure you have answered all questions. Press Submit to see your results.