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About Me

Image of UW logo              My name is Elijah Mentch, and I am a recent Computer Science graduate from University of Wisconsin-Madison. I have programming experience in Java, JS, C, and Python through my undergrad. I am currently looking for Software Developer jobs locally (1 hour driving distance from West Bend, WI). This website has been built in order to begin to document some of my coding projects and also includes links to my LinkedIn and GitHub. Most importantly it showcases that I enjoy learning to code and practicing my skills.


  • Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript/CSS/HTML, C, PHP, C#, SQL
  • Platforms: Windows 10, Linux/Ubuntu
  • Technologies: Azure, Git, Bash
  • Frameworks/Libraries: sqlite3
  • Well-versed in applications/programming langauges
  • Reliable and positive team-player
  • Enthusiastic, self-driven, fast-learner
  • Analytically-oriented and observant

Relevant Coursework

  • Introduction to Networks
  • Introduction to Operating Systems
  • Introduction to Compilers
  • Computer Graphics
  • Machine Organization and Programming
  • Introduction to Algorithms
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Information Security