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This project was a desire to further work on JavaScript, as well as make something more visual and interactive than some of the other projects I have made. I made a clone of the popular game 2048 as I figured it would be a fun idea. I also used this as a way to larn how to use cookies, as a way to store old high scores. To find this game, click on the "Game" tab on this website (only available on desktop).

This project is a recent attempt to have a console based (for now) python script that lets me write,edit and sort personal todo list items by cost, ease, and importance. I utilize the sqlite3 library to create a database to store all of the items between sessions. I use regular expressions to make the parsing of the inputs a lot easier to handle, additionally the print function prints the data in an easy to read table, and handles IO as a list of lists with regex to simply things.

This project stems from a desire to create a portfolio of myself to those looking for Software Developers. As seen here, I am documenting projects I am doing/have done, contact info, and my resume and cover letter. This site runs on HTML, CSS, PHP, and a little bit of JavaScript. I have a to do list tab on this site as a way to both keep track of my project endeavors, as well as a way to show to others the steps it took to assemble the projects I have worked on and the skills I am currently trying to develop.

This project was started on a whim as a result of a COVID related quarantine. In my undergrad we had to use JavaFX to make an interactive tournament bracket, and I thought making a simple GUI based text simulator would make a great project to freshen up on Java, as well as have a project to put on my resume, something up until this point I did not have. I may still work on this, but creating this website and working on coding in Python has caught my interest more as of late.

image of main game intro screen to game

*All code for these projects are available on my GitHub