Legend - DarMonkey, the Eternal Reaper of Souls, recently ressurrected from the soul of Bloodgore, the heathenish leader of the ancient apocalyptic 4 Horsemen. DarMonkey has exchanged his flaming sword of hell for an enhanced shock rifle. In his first life he was unstoppable, now with his new weapon, he is invincible. He once flourished on the bloodstained battlegrounds of the now extinct After eons of malicious dismemberment of his bludgeoned enemies, he still gurgles with delight each time he splatters his opponents innards upon his worn battle armor. Please, for your soul's sake, do not challenge DarMonkey in battle, for I wish your soul to rest in peace instead of burning in hell, for no one survives the wrath of the murderous DarMonkey, for each soul he reaps drives him deeper into his psychosis. Good luck in hell.

Favorite Skin - Marine w/ Malcom Face

Favorite Maps - Coret, Orbital, Esprit de Corps

Favorite Weapon - Flaming Sword of Hell Enhanced Shock Rifle

Favorite Servers - duber's special, Fib's Multigame Mayhem, RAMBO's Server

Favorite Kill Spot - The transcendent tendon below the left big toe.

Gaming System - Pentium III 733, 256MB RAM, 64MB GeForce2 GTS, 17" monitor

E-mail -

ICQ - 94324403

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