DarMonkey's Custom Maps

As of now, I have nearly completed my first Unreal Tournament map. It is entitled Viscosity and is a relatively small Capture the Flag map. The ideal player load is 6-12 players. It offers very intense InstaGib battles because of it's narrow hallways and bases filled with respawn points. There are two main routes to and from the flag: one by land and one by water. The screenshot shows part of the base including one of the main defensive points in the map. The defense has the advantage on the small map, although if the flag carrier can make it out of the base, they are likely to score a capture.

The map is almost completely constructed, but still needs to be textured. The bots play quite well in it despite the cramped hallways and tight manuevering although slight modification to their paths must be done. The map will be out within a few weeks and available here or at Nali City. The link at the left is currently inactive since the map is not yet available in a finished form.

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