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---Effective July 2010---

I'm currently on a leave of absence from school.

About Me:

I'm currently a third year Ph. D student in the networking research group. My advisor is Aditya Akella. I'm currently supported by a NDSEG fellowship.


Please see my Resume or CV for my qualifications and feel free to contact me.


In Spring 2010, I was a teaching assistant for CS740 and one lab section of CS302

In Spring 2009, I was an instructor for our Introduction to Programming class, CS302. My course webpage can be found here: http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~esquivel/classes/spr09/cs302/.


Areas of Interest: Publications: Please see CV for full list


Previous Classes: Resume
(Nov 09)
Contact Information:
Holly Lovely
Email: esquivel @ cs.wisc.edu (remove the spaces)
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