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AFIQ: An accounting framework for inter-domain QoS with limited trust
Cristian Estan, Aditya Akella, Suman Banerjee
UW CS technical report 1620, October 2007

RFC 3869 identifies two main obstacles that stand in the way of an inter-domain QoS architecture: the inability of ISPs to bill for improved service and the danger of denial-of-service attacks with high priority packets. In this paper we present an accounting framework for inter-domain QoS, AFIQ, that solves the first problem and limits the extent of the second. We present AFIQ as part of a clean-slate redesign of the network, and while it may be possible to retrofit it to work with IPv4, we do not address this issue here. AFIQ builds on our earlier proposal, Bill-Pay, but it goes significantly beyond it through its support for operation in the presence of untrusted (possibly hijacked) endhosts and routers and its ability to support stronger QoS guarantees.

Paper in PDF.

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