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  • Karl's Group, Spring '18

    Karl's Group, Spring '18

    (Left) Emma, Yilin, Muzhe, Fan, Yini, Karl (right)

    Hands-on Alligator, Everglades National Park

    Hands-on alligator, Everglades National Park, Florida '18

    Statistics Family, UW-Madison, Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

    UW-Madison Statistics Family, Burrows Park, Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

    Statistics Family, UW-Madison, Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

    Young statisticians, Burrows Park, Mid-Autumn Festival 2017


    Group meeting, summer 2017

    (Left) Karl, Fan, Yilin, Yulin, Muzhe, Song (right)


    Capital Madison at dusk, July 2017


    Pixu's baby shower, BioTech, May 2017

    (Left) Rene, Ye, Sunyoung, Cony, Anru (new Dad),
    Pixu (new Mom), Sunduz, Yury, Duy, Fan, Kylie (right)

    Statistics Family, UW-Madison, Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

    Statistics Family, UW-Madison, Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

    Lake Mendota, UW-Madison Daytime Lake Mendota, UW-Madison Dusk

    Lake Mendota, Daytime vs. Dust

    UW-Madison Campus

    UW-Madison Campus, Summer 2016


    ZJUers @ CSST 2015

    (Left) Yuqing, Lifeng, Ziming, Liujia, Yandi, Fan, Kuan,
    Shun, Yingzhu, Rita, Yubin, Xin, Peng (right), Zhe (bottom)

    Thapae Gate - Thailand Thapae Gate - Thailand

    Thapae Gate, Thailand, 2016


I am a Ph.D. student in Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, under the supervision of Professor Karl Rohe and Professor Sunduz Keles. Prior to entering current program, I completed my B.S. in Mathematics at Zhejiang University in July 2016, where I studied with Professor Kangsheng Liu and Professor Zhiyi Tan.

I grew up in the lovely city of Fuzhou. I study networks and genomics, among many things. Follow me on Instagram to see more!



Broadly, I am interested in network analysis and computational genomics.

In particular, my initial training project focused on key palyers identification in (social) networks. Then, I started studying community detection (clustering) and inference on networks. Recently, learning (genes/proteins) regulatory networks has become one of my favorite topics as well.


Chen, F., Amini, A. Variational EM approaches for Stochastic Block Model with covariates. Los Angeles, 2015. [poster]
Chen, F., Li, X. The influence factors in complex reply networks. Hangzhou, 2015. [slides]


Machine Learning @ UW-Madison
Seminars Info: Statistics, Probability, Bioinformatics
ENCODE, short for Encyclopedia of DNA Elements

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