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  • PixuBabyShower_2017

    Pixu's baby shower, BioTech, May 2017

    (Left) Rene, Ye, Sunyoung, Cony, Anru (new Dad),
    Pixu (new Mom), Sunduz, Yury, Duy, Fan, Kylie (right)

    Statistics Family, UW-Madison, Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

    Statistics Family, UW-Madison, Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

    Lake Mendota, UW-Madison Daytime Lake Mendota, UW-Madison Dusk

    Lake Mendota, Daytime vs. Dust

    UW-Madison Campus

    UW-Madison Campus, Summer 2016


    ZJUers @ CSST 2015

    (Left) Yuqing, Lifeng, Ziming, Liujia, Yandi, Fan, Kuan,
    Shun, Yingzhu, Rita, Yubin, Xin, Peng (right), Zhe (bottom)

    Thapae Gate - Thailand Thapae Gate - Thailand

    Thapae Gate, Thailand, 2016


I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to entering the Ph.D. program in Statistics, I completed my B.S. in Mathematics at Zhejiang University (P.R. China) in July, 2016. I am also a research assistant in Professor Keles' research group.

My research interests include network analysis and computational genomics.


Network Analysis - community detection (clustering), sampling and inference on networks, variational methods
Computational Genomics - association mapping, statistical learning on regulatory networks


Keles' Research Group, UW-Madison
I have been a research assistant for Professor Sunduz Keles' research group since September 2016. My work involves modeling RNA binding proteins (RBPs) and data analysis on RNA-seq and CLIP-seq data.

I am an alumnus of the UCLA Cross-disciplinary Scholars in Science and Technology (CSST) program in 2015. I was supervised by Professor Arash Amini, and my work focused on network analysis, in particular, variational EM approaches for covariate-assisted stochastic block models. [pdf]

Selected Awards
Outstanding Winner (Feb 2015), the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM).
First Prize (Sep 2014), the Contemporary Undergrad Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM), China.


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Machine Learning @ UW-Madison
Seminars Info: Statistics, Probability, Bioinformatics
ENCODE, short for Encyclopedia of DNA Elements

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