iToF2dToF: A Robust and Flexible Representation
for Data-driven Time-of-Flight Imaging

IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging (To appear)

  • *Work completed during internship at SenseBrain



Indirect Time-of-Flight (iToF) cameras are a promising depth sensing technology. However, they are prone to errors caused by multi-path interference (MPI) and low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Traditional methods, after denoising, mitigate MPI by estimating a transient image that encodes depths. Recently, data-driven methods that jointly denoise and mitigate MPI have become state-of-the-art without using the intermediate transient representation. In this paper, we propose to revisit the transient representation. Using data-driven priors, we interpolate/extrapolate iToF frequencies and use them to estimate the transient image. Given direct ToF (dToF) sensors capture transient images, we name our method iToF2dToF. The transient representation is flexible. It can be integrated with different rule-based depth sensing algorithms that are robust to low SNR and can deal with ambiguous scenarios that arise in practice (e.g., specular MPI, optical cross-talk). We demonstrate the benefits of iToF2dToF over previous methods in real depth sensing scenarios.


  • A robust and flexible representation for data-driven iToF that improves depth sensing in different scenarios.
  • An extensive validation of our data-driven models on real-world data with ground truth.
  • A synthetic iToF dataset with realistic geometry, textures, and noise.

Technical Video

ICCP 2021 Poster Presentation


To download the dataset, please send your request to Felipe Gutierrez-Barragan.

The dataset contains 5,000 sets of synthetic images rendered from 200 views of 25 scenes. A single set of images includes:

  • RGB image
  • Ground truth depth image
  • iToF frequency images at 31 frequencies (0-600MHz in steps of 20MHz). Each frequency image is composed of an amplitude and a phase component. The iToF frequency images are obtained from the transient images of the same scene which were simulated using MitsubaToF.
  • 4x4 camera view matrix

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* Work done during internship at SenseBrain Technology

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