Research Projects

  • Optimal coding functions for continuous-wave time-of-flight imaging
    • Code:
    • Report:
  • Accelerating Permutation Testing in Voxel-wise Analysis through Subspace Tracking: A new plugin for SnPM
  • Distributed Memory Fluid Simulations with Charm++

Course Projects

  • Geo-distributed Machine Learning using Parameter Servers
    • Course: CS 838: Big Data Systems, UW-Madison, Fall 2016
    • Code:
    • Final Report:
    • Team: Mihir Shete and Felipe Gutierrez

Other Projects

  • CompletePT
    • Code: CompletePT
    • Description: GPU and CPU implementations of permutation testing.
  • Point Cloud Utilities
    • Code: Point Cloud Web Utils
    • Code: C++ Mesh to point cloud
    • Technical Report
    • Description: A pre-processing step for SPH-based fluid simulations is to generate a point cloud for the fluid and boundaries. I developed a web app for visualizing point clouds and the simulation setup. The web app can also take an input Mesh file and generate a point cloud from it. I also implemented a C++ version of the mesh to point cloud code.