CS367: Introduction to Data Structures
NEW TO JAVA? - Lecture 4, Fall 2017

Information for those new to the Java programming language

If you do not have any prior programming experience, you should definintely take CS 302 prior to taking CS 367.

If you do have prior programming experience but it is not in another object-oriented programming language (like C++ or C#), it is strongly recommended that you take CS 302 prior to taking CS 367 since CS 367 assumes students have a firm grasp of object-oriented programming.

If you are unsure if your programming background is sufficient for CS 367, please contact the instructor.

Those trying to pick up (or brush up on) Java may find the following links useful:

Please note that not all the material covered in the resources above are assumed for CS 367. CS 367 assumes that students have had little to no experience with inheritance, exceptions, and interfaces.

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